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[FMP] Schlippenbach Trio X 3

We’re proud to offer downloads of three essential releases from The Schlippenbach Trio. Simply put, they showcase the band at the height of their powers and combine to make a strong case that this is one of the great ensembles… Continue reading

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GENTLE HARM: Paul Rutherford (1940-2007)

Armand schulthess As deafness increases Paul Rutherford and Paul Lovens Paul Rutherford/Paul Lovens Po Torch : 1978 PR, trombone, euphonium; PL, percussion, zither, etc. On Wednesday, 24 October, at London’s Red Rose, a group of musicians will gather to honor… Continue reading

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Don’t Trifle

BEELZEBUB’S TALES: REVISED ESTER-WERDA NOCTURNO FUX Schlippenbach Trio Elf Bagatellen FMP : 1991 Alexander von Schlippenbach, piano; Evan Parker, soprano and tenor sax; Paul Lovens, “selected drums and cymbals.” A series of musical reflections in 11 words (or less): Bagetelles:… Continue reading

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