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Behind the Bamboo Curtain

LINEFINELYON 7 Roscoe Mitchell Creative Orchestra Sketches from Bamboo Moers : 1979 RM, alto sax; Leo Smith, trumpet; Anthony Braxton, reeds; Douglas Ewart, reeds; Wallace McMillian, reeds; Dwight Andrews, reeds; Marty Ehrlich, reeds; Kenny Wheeler, trumpet; Hugh Ragin, trumpet; Mike Mossmann,… Continue reading

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Roscoe Mitchell’s Live in Detroit

SNURDY McGURDY AND HER DANCIN’ SHOES/SPIRITS AMONG STONES EXCERPTS FROM NON-COGNITIVE ASPECTS OF THE CITY Roscoe Mitchell Sound Ensemble Live in Detroit Cecma : 1989 RM, flute, alto sax, tenor sax, soprano sax; Hugh Ragin, trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet; Spencer… Continue reading

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Yes, Yes, Nonaah

ERICKA NONAAH (excerpt) Roscoe Mitchell Nonaah Nessa : 1977 Ericka: RM, alto sax. Nonaah: RM, Joseph Jarman, Wallace McMillan, Henry Threadgill, alto saxes. Dest:OUT is thrilled to present a sampling from from one of the key reissues of the year: Roscoe… Continue reading

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