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We Can’t Stand the Quiet

ALTO 1 Kaoru Abe Solo 1972 PSF : 1994 KA, alto sax. Dear C, No doubt you’ve heard how blisteringly hot it is here. The asphalt bubbles up from the streets and sticks to your soles. Our air conditioner blew… Continue reading

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ALTO SOLO 1 Kaoru Abe Solo, Thursday Evening 1972 [Mokuyoubi no yoru ] PSF. Records : 1995 KA, alto sax. Summer may be about to kick into full swing, but before people head off into holiday weekends, short Fridays, and beach sojourns — here’s… Continue reading

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Exterminating Angels

DUO 2 Kaoru Abe and Hiroshi Yamazaki Jazz Bed PSF : 1995 KA, alto sax; HY, drums. Our previous Kaoru Abe entry showcased the wild man of the alto in ferocious solo mode. Although he made many of his finest… Continue reading

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Bring the Noise

ALTO 1 Kaoru Abe Solo 1972.1.21 PSF : 1972 KA, alto sax. “Sound that stops the capacity for judgment. Sound that never decays. Sound that breaks free from every possibe image. Sound that comes from both death and birth. Sound… Continue reading

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