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[FMP] Schlippenbach Trio X 3

We’re proud to offer downloads of three essential releases from The Schlippenbach Trio. Simply put, they showcase the band at the height of their powers and combine to make a strong case that this is one of the great ensembles… Continue reading

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FMP Drop No. 2
Destination: Mersh!

CHRPS, by Steve Lacy and Evan Parker RUMBLING, by The Globe Unity Orchestra + NEW THIS WEEK! First, thanks so much to all who have commented favorably regarding this new venture, and especially those of you who have plunged right… Continue reading

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Horning In

MONOCEROS 2 MONOCEROS 4 Evan Parker Monoceros Incus : 1978 EP, soprano sax. In the pantheon of saxophone colossi, there is a special place reserved for Evan Parker. Taking late Coltrane as his jumping off point, Parker has expanded the… Continue reading

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The Majestic

FINGERPRINTS, PART ONE Evan Parker At the Finger Palace The Beak Doctor : 1979 EP, soprano sax. Sometimes half measures won’t do. When you’re striving for total transcendence, there’s no room for accommodation. The listener is forced to either buckle… Continue reading

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Don’t Trifle

BEELZEBUB’S TALES: REVISED ESTER-WERDA NOCTURNO FUX Schlippenbach Trio Elf Bagatellen FMP : 1991 Alexander von Schlippenbach, piano; Evan Parker, soprano and tenor sax; Paul Lovens, “selected drums and cymbals.” A series of musical reflections in 11 words (or less): Bagetelles:… Continue reading

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BURIDAN’S ASS Evan Parker The Snake Decides Incus : 1988 / Psi : 2003 [ buy ] EP, soprano sax. The title of this song refers to a philosophical paradox, roughly akin to Schrodinger’s cat. Imagine, if you will, a… Continue reading

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