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LAKE OF FEAR THE MOONBEAM SONG Nathan Hanson & Brian Roessler Selenograhia Community Pool : 2012 Now that the dust has settled on the New Year and the noise has quieted around the many Best Albums of the Year polls,… Continue reading

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or: Our extremely belated best of 2011

PIGEON São Paulo Underground Três Cabeças Loucaras Cuneiform : 2011 Rob Mazurek, cornet, electronics; Guilherme Granado, keyboards, loops, samplers, percussion; Mauricio Takara, cavaquinhiro, drums, percussion, electronics; Richard Ribeiro, drums. You’re probably thinking: Isn’t it awfully late for a Best of 2011… Continue reading

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Our fave jazz discs of 2010

Wow, that was a great year. Yes, that was a killing year. While we don’t pretend toward comprehensiveness in our listening, we thought it might be of moderate interest to D:O’s absurdly intelligent and good-looking readership to know of some… Continue reading

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Cultural Detritus We’ve Enjoyed, 2009 Stylee

OURS FOR YOURS: Having already exhumed our jazz picks for the year, here’s a list of off-topic items that have excited us over the last 12 months. A peek behind the curtain of our other interests. We’re also extremely curious… Continue reading

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D:O’s Fave Jazz Jamz of 2009

CRY OUT Darius Jones Trio Man’ish Boy (A Raw and Beautiful Thing) AUM Fidelity : 2009 DJ, alto sax; Cooper-Moore, piano, Rakalam Bob Moses, drums. You know what you need? Another freakin top ten list, that’s what. While we don’t… Continue reading

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Destination: 2008

DESTINATION: OUTED Before we get to our annual survey of popular hits for the year, one quick bit of housekeeping. Folks keep asking us exactly who are Chilly Jay Chill and Prof. Drew LeDrew, and where the hell did we… Continue reading

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Ours for Yours: Favorites of 2008

The year-end Top 10 tradition is inescapably self-indulgent, so we’re proposing a swap. Knowing that Dest:Out readers are incredibly well-informed, we’re as curious to read about some of your picks as we are excited to share ours. Below you’ll find a… Continue reading

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