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We Remember Tchicai
…as does Ches Smith

PAROLE AMUBLANTE John Tchicai’s Five Points One Long Minute Nu Bop : 2008 TC, tenor sax; Alex Weiss, alto sax; Garrison Fewell, guitar; Dmitry Ishenko, bass; Ches Smith, drums. John Tchicai died a year ago last week; October 8th, to be… Continue reading

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Flying Solo on SAJ Air

We are thrilled to roll out the next three digital releases from FMP. These are solo joints from sister label SAJ, only previously available on LP. They join the Evan Parker/Barry Guy duo Incision (SAJ-35), also recently available for sale… Continue reading

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CONSEQUENCES TRIO New York Contemporary Five Consequences Fontana : 1963 Archie Shepp, tenor sax; Don Cherry, trumpet; John Tchicai, alto sax; Don Moore, bass; J. C. Moses, drums. The New York Contemporary Five barely lasted a year all told, but… Continue reading

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Danish Passion

INSIDE THULE LILANTO DEL INDIO KIRSTEN Cadentia Nova Danica John Tchicai and Cadentia Nova Danica Polydor : 1968 John Tchicai, alto sax, percussion; Karsten Vogel, alto sax, percussion; Max Bruel, baritone sax, piano, percussion; Kim Menzer, trombone; Hugh Steinmetz, trumpet;… Continue reading

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THE GRAIL; OR, There’s Something Rocking in Denmark

FODRINGSMONTAGE LAKSHIMI HEAVENLY LOVE ON A PLANET John Tchicai and Cadentia Nova Danica Afrodisiaca MPS : 1969 JT, alto sax; Hugh Steinmetz, Theo Rahbek, trumpet; Mauritz Tchicai, trombone, sousaphone, waterpipe; Willy Jagert, ophicleide; Jørgen Thorup, clarinet; Christian Kyhl, alto and… Continue reading

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