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Matthew Shipp on Jazz Teachers

TEA FOR TWO Ran Blake Breakthru Improvising Artists : 1976 RB, piano. The Five Spot is our new feature where musicians, critics, and fans select five significant tunes or albums from a favorite artist. Pianist and composer MATTHEW SHIPP chooses FIVE TRACKS BY… Continue reading

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[FMP] Solo Shipp

Before the World by MATTHEW SHIPP Matthew Shipp’s first recorded solo album, Before the World is about beginnings. The pianist carves out his own distinct sonic territory and vocabulary, employing classical forms and free improv, generating high drama at every… Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE ALBUM PREVIEW: Matthew Shipp’s The Art of the Improviser

WHOLETONE Matthew Shipp Art of the Improviser Thirsty Ear : 2011 MS, piano. Our mini-festival around pianist and composer Matthew Shipp continues with a preview of his upcoming album Art of the Improviser. This wonderful double-disc set marks Shipp’s 50th… Continue reading

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GUEST POST: Matthew Shipp’s tribute to teacher Dennis Sandole

PERHAPS ONE TOUCH OF The Brothers Sandole Modern Music from Philadelphia Fantasy : 1955 DS, guitar; Adolph Sandole, leader; Art Farmer, trumpet; John LaPorta, alto; Sonny Russo, trombone; Al DelGovernatore, piano; Wendell Marshall, bass; Clem De Rosa, drums. PARADIGM Dennis… Continue reading

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Do the Math

AUTUMN LEAVES ZT 3 Matthew Shipp Trio The Multiplication Table hatOLOGY : 1998 MS, piano; William Parker, bass; Susie Ibarra, drums. Matt Shipp is one of the most significant jazz players to come out of the generation inspired, at least… Continue reading

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