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Or: Don Cherry Raps!

ALPHABET CITY BAMAKO LOVE RAPPIN’ RECIPE Don Cherry Home Boy Barclay : 1985 Alphabet City & Rappin’ Recipe: DC, pocket trumpet, vocals, doussn’ gouni, piano, synthesizer, melodica; Ramauntcho Matta, guitar; Jannick Top, bass; Negrito Trasante, bongos, congos, talking drum, rhythm… Continue reading

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Do the Tago Mago

BROWN RICE DEGI-DEGI Don Cherry Don Cherry A&M/Horizon : 1976 DC, trumpet, electric piano, voice; Charlie Haden, bass; Billy Higgins, drums; Frank Lowe, tenor sax; Ricky Cherry, electric piano; on Rice only: Bunchie Fox, electric bongos; Verna Gillis, voice. If… Continue reading

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CONSEQUENCES TRIO New York Contemporary Five Consequences Fontana : 1963 Archie Shepp, tenor sax; Don Cherry, trumpet; John Tchicai, alto sax; Don Moore, bass; J. C. Moses, drums. The New York Contemporary Five barely lasted a year all told, but… Continue reading

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SUMMER RE-UP: The Utopia Will Not Be Televised

Originally posted 11 July 2007. THE CREATOR HAS A MASTER PLAN UTOPIA & VISIONS BRA JOE FROM KILIMANJARO Don Cherry Organic Music Society Caprice : 1972 DC, trumpet, voice, piano; Maffy Falay, muted trumpet; Tommy Goldman, flute; Tommy Koverhult, flute;… Continue reading

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Better Git It in Your Soul

BRA JOE FROM KILIMANJARO > JABULANI-EASTER JOY > WAYA-WA-EGOLI > SWAZI > WAYEAH-WAYEAH-O The Third World Underground Trio : 1972 Don Cherry, trumpet, percussion, vocals; Carlos Ward, also sax, percussion, vocals; Dollar Brand, piano, vocals. This is pure pleasure. The… Continue reading

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Play Time

RUSHOUR BROKEN SHADOWS Old and New Dreams Playing ECM : 1980 Dewey Redman, tenor sax, musette; Don Cherry, trumpet; Charlie Haden, bass; Ed Blackwell, drums. Is it possible this group is underappreciated? That instead of being recognized as a jazz… Continue reading

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Right Foot Start, Left Foot Follow!

I WALK Don Cherry Home Boy Barclay : 1985 DC, vocals, piano, trumpet, harp, melodica; Ramuntcho Matta, guitar; Elli Medieros, backing vocals; Fil Mong, bass; Jeanne-Pierre Coco, congas; Abdoulaye Prosper Niang, drums. It’s a straight-up fact that not enough jazz… Continue reading

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