Irène Schweizer Archives



Here’s the *REAL* Santana! A lost classic of European jazz, this early recording by the potent trio of Pierre Favre, Irène Schweizer, and Peter Kowald was waxed in 1968, before Carlos started gigging under his own name. This churning music may contain echoes of Cecil Taylor and Paul Bley, but mainly it’s forging a new sonic vocabulary that would inspire European players over the coming decade. Volatile and vital, unpredictable and gorgeous, it’s been buried for far too long.



This highly sought-after live album features two of Europe’s finest improvisers. It’s a terrific showcase for the talents of pianist Schweizer and bassist Léandre, highlighting their musical range in a series of taut and concise tunes. Their vivid interactions unleash delicate minimalism, percussive call-and-response, lyrical interludes, and much more. Recommended!



A tremendous early showcase for Rüdiger Carl and Irène Schweizer, before an appreciative Berlin audience. Goose Pannée opens with one tune by each, revealing the depth of their talents, before building to the side-long climax that is the title track. A full-bore blowout, it’s a classic example of Euro free improv at its peak, and deserves as wide an audience as possible.

Tuned Boots


The title “Tuned Boots” ably evokes the sound of the magnificent trio of Irene Schweizer, Rudiger Carl, and Louis Moholo-Moholo. This is stomping martial music made with exquisite nuance. Alternately elated and stern, sparse and surging, this criminally underknown album never settles into a predictable groove and showcases new sides of all these wonderful musicians