From FMP’s massive, and otherwise out of print, 11-CD box set Cecil Taylor “In Berlin ’88” — widely acclaimed as one of the greatest achievements in jazz. Cecil Taylor has written extensively for big bands, but there are precious few recordings of this important aspect of his music. Legba Crossing is one of the key big band records in his catalog — a lyrical and nuanced, uplifting and ritualistic performance that blends jazz and classical textures in ways that evoke Ellington while still remaining singularly Cecil.

3 Responses to LEGBA CROSSING

  1. Any plans to rerelease the 11-Cd box set?

  2. Another request here for FLAC downloads of the whole box set. I’d pay good money for that!

    And please PDF booklets for all of it.

  3. We’re working on this – it’s a top priority for us, too!

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