MUJICIAN III (august air)


An ocean of sound emanates from Keith Tippett’s piano during this 1987 concert. As the title indicates, it’s the third such solo recital to get the “Mujician” marker, and his last solo statement on record until a 1992’s “Darlington Concert” release. Spellbinding, sprawling, and capable of generating beauty from both the inside and outside of his instrument, Mujician III marks a major high point of Tippett’s considerable discography.

2 Responses to MUJICIAN III (august air)

  1. Fine piece, this.

    A correction, though – there was at least one other solo recording over this period, recorded in 1990, which came out in 1992. It was called “The Dartington Concert”, and is a single piece named “One For You, Dudu”, dedicated, of course, to the mighty Dudu Pukwana …

    According to a film on BBC television, at one point Keith Tippett was having to pick potatoes to make a living. We don’t value creativity enough.

  2. Thanks for this, asterism! Will make adjustments shortly…

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