Don’t Trifle


Schlippenbach Trio
Elf Bagatellen
FMP : 1991

Alexander von Schlippenbach, piano; Evan Parker, soprano and tenor sax; Paul Lovens, “selected drums and cymbals.”

A series of musical reflections in 11 words (or less):

Bagetelles: Musical miniatures. Form started in 18th century.

Adopted and updated by Bartok and especially Webern.

(Bagatelle form also embraced domestically by John Zorn.)

Not trivialities, but saying more with less.

The limits enhancing not restricting creativity.

Discreet musical processes, each with their own distinct character.

Appropriate for European jazz players to embrace bagatelle format.

Sometimes better known for long-form blow-outs.

Here they offer bite size mood morsels.

No less intense. No less multidimensional. No less challenging.

But shorter, so you can spin them several times.

Please do.

“Elster-Werda Nocturno” reminiscent of Dramolets by Brothers Quay.

“Beelzebub’s” a lounge act with the safety seal removed.

“Fux,” as a song title, replaces the previous, “too vulgar” name.

Henry Kaiser liked it.

These are bagatellen: So is this, and seemingly related.

Buy Elf Bagatellen.

Many thanks to Jost and FMP for kind permission to post.

Parker: “It is a slippery beast, improvisation.”

Schlippenbach on Parker: “Coltrane’s best pupil.”

On Lovens: “[L]ike Anthony Williams.”

Schlippenbach: “My approach has something to do with swing.”

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6 Responses to Don’t Trifle

  1. tasty…

    need a full meal now of course :)

    they are all quite thought-provoking (as one would hope)… it’s a bit odd to look at the actual album details and see some very long pieces on there..!

  2. Stavrogin on Parker: “My living hero”.

  3. hey centrifuge – glad you dig the tracks. i agree it is strange how schlippenbach and co. consider 10 and 12 minute pieces bagatelles as well. something about the approach to them, perhaps. or maybe they think they’re bagatelles compared to some of the 40-60 minute blowouts they’ve been known to unleash…?

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  5. Thank you for making these available again. Any chance of adding Swinging The Bim to the download store in the near future. I’m still kicking myself for sleeping on it.

  6. Would love to, Gavin, but we simply take what we get from FMP, and so far it has not appeared on the lists of upcoming titles. Thanks for the kind words, though.