Welcome to the D:O d/l store!

Elf Bagatellen, by the SCHLIPPENBACH TRIO

Photo: © Dagmar Gebers/FMP



Touch the Earth, Break the Shells, by KOWALD | SMITH | SOMMER

Photo: © Dagmar Gebers/FMP

We’re thrilled to announce the opening of the Destination: OUT download store. We’re offering high quality downloads of adventurous jazz albums (and albums only) that we love. Everything we offer will be hand-picked as something we think is worthy of your hard-earned dollars and something that isn’t for sale anywhere else on the inter-webs.

To launch this venture, we’re proud to be the exclusive online retailer for the legendary European jazz/creative music label FMP!

As many of you know, FMP’s back catalog is a treasure trove of some of the most important music of the 1970s, 80s, and beyond. These include essential classics by Peter Brötzmann, Globe Unity Orchestra, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Evan Parker, Cecil Taylor, and many others. Even if you’re typically not a fan of the more Euro/free improv strain of jazz, FMP’s best releases serve as an ideal bridge and gateway into an exciting sound world. They’ll rearrange any preconceptions you might have.

None of FMP’s albums have previously been for sale as downloads. Even more surprising: all hard copies of their catalog are sadly out-of-print. It’s a distressing state of affairs for music lovers. So the Destination: OUT store is all too happy to rectify this situation. We’re the only way to purchase this great music, aside from the second-hand marketplace.

We’re be rolling out a couple of additional titles every few weeks. We’re starting with two favorites, from two key bands in the FMP stable — the essential trios of Peter Kowald, Wadada Leo Smith, and Gunter Sommer; and Schlippenbach, Evan Parker, and Paul Lovens.

This choice was partially inspired by the amazing performance of Touch the Earth II at this year’s Vision Festival. We realized how many people had been sleeping on this group’s phenomenal music – including us! The singular combination of Wadada Leo Smith’s piercing trumpet, Gunter Sommer’s acrobatic percussion, and Peter Kowald’s probing bass is both playful and profound. This package is also an amazing value – combining both the group’s FMP albums onto a single CD.

We liked Elf Bagatellen so much that we featured a few tunes in an early post. At the time we called the eleven songs that make up the album “bite size mood morsels.” While in the same entry we noted that the tunes were “No less intense. No less multidimensional. No less challenging” for their relatively short length. Not as raw or pummeling, perhaps, as Pakastani Pomade, but equally arresting and beautifully captured on tape. In many ways, it’s the ideal introduction to Schlippenbach’s work.

For the next two weeks, we’re offering these two albums for A SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE OF $7.99 EACH. That’s for 320k MP3s, FLAC files, AAC, Ogg Vorbis – your choice – via the trusted BandCamp platform. You’ll also get high quality scans of the artwork and liner notes (or whatever made up the original CD booklet). After two weeks, the price for the albums goes up to $9.99.

Hard copies of these albums normally retailed as imports for a minimum of $18.99. So hopefully you’ll agree this price is reasonable. The vast majority of the purchase price goes to the label and artists. A small portion goes to our store platform, and an equally small piece to D:O. This money will help us defray the increasing costs of running the site.

When you buy these downloads, you’re supporting FMP, the musicians, and Destination: OUT. We don’t take your support for granted and really appreciate it if you can purchase copies, spread the word to friends, etc.

If you have enjoyed the music we’ve offered over the years, here’s a chance to give something back — and get something great in the bargain. The link at the top of the page — “D:O D/L Store,” under the logo — will always bring to you our complete offerings at any given time. As with everything we try here, we welcome and encourage your feedback. Please let us know what you think, if you run into any problems, and if you have suggestions on where to go next.

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18 Responses to DESTINATION: MERSH —
Welcome to the D:O d/l store!

  1. Awesome news! I use ALAC regularly and am thrilled to see it as an available download option. I hope this series can grow to include all FMP releases — especially the early ones.

  2. Great news and a well-earned honor on the part of our fearless guides in the Land of Out.

  3. Great work, guys, and congrats with the store.

    All hail D:O!


  4. Sterling work as always by the DO guys and a worthy mission to get out such brilliant music but (and I hope this doesn’t sound ungrateful) it has only made me want to get the vinyl. I really think that the record companies are missing a beat when it comes to limited runs on vinyl, which is a shame. That all said, the price of $7.99 is very reasonable.

  5. “Whoa.” — Keanu Reeves.

  6. Heriman – Thanks for the kind words. I imagine FMP would like to do limited runs on the vinyl, but it may likely be a cash issue since even the CDs are OOP. Think of these digital sales as a way for them to fund more physical pressings.

  7. hey Brent – We have our eyes on the early titles as well! If these initial offerings sell well, then the odds are pretty good we’ll get to those early ones.

  8. Brilliant, brilliant news! Thank you, destination:out!

  9. Completely great. Thanks Jeffs!

  10. This is brilliant, thank you! My ears are watering just thinking about possible future offerings.

  11. PS, i don’t know if you will wan’t to do another Schlippenbach Trio album too soon but can i humbly, with a slight hint of desperation in my eye, suggest ‘Swinging The Bim’?

  12. Guys – this is such a great idea, I have labored in vain trying to find FMP titles for many years, and will likely be one of your regular customers. Any chance the multiple releases of Cecil Taylor from 1988 will be released? Those were supposedly released separately and as part of a box set, and I have heard they are absolutely amazing. Anyway, good job, keep up the good work!

  13. many thanks, bart! we’re definitely working on those cecil taylor releases from 1988. we’d like to offer them as individual titles, but there are some technical issues to resolve there. in the meantime, we’ve got some more excellent FMP titles coming next week.

  14. Downloading my Schlippenbach Trio right now. Bandcamp is a good platform (I chose the FLAC option).
    Thanks, let’s have some more out-of-print albums to download!

  15. Gottem both. More please!

  16. great news – how about those Brotzmann/Miller/Moholo recordings soon?

  17. Really appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm. Two more FMP classics coming on Monday!
    And we’re working on those Brotz/Miller/Moholo ones…

  18. Just a note re Brotzmann/Miller/Moholo — we understand that this will be coming from Atavistic in time, so do look for it there (& not here, alas).

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