FMP Drop No. 2
Destination: Mersh!

CHRPS, by Steve Lacy and Evan Parker

Parker (l); Lacy (r). Photo by Caroline Forbes

RUMBLING, by The Globe Unity Orchestra


First, thanks so much to all who have commented favorably regarding this new venture, and especially those of you who have plunged right in and made purchases. We have been pleased with the initial response, and hope everyone feels that they got their money’s worth. We welcome feedback of all stripes, of course.

Chirps, an all-soprano classic from masters of the straight horn Lacy and Parker. This album captures three long tracks that were performed live in July 1985, plus three more that were recorded after the audience had left the hall. It’s a brilliant pairing and the two musicians meld their distinct styles in seamless and surprising ways. It goes down much easier than one might think; the extended techniques that both employ elsewhere were held somewhat in check on this date. Not a judgment; just sayin. Give it a shot.

And then there’s Globe Unity. It’s very easy to summon superlatives when speaking of this band (lineup here). Here the 1975 edition is captured in full swing on a great night. It’s lyrical, dramatic, rambunctious, and subtle. There’s a Monk cover and a march for anarchists! Originally released on two separate LPs (see covers above), Rumbling was reassembled from the original, uncompressed masters and presents the concert in its original order. Whether you want them compressed or uncompressed is entirely up to you. Smiles, however, are assured either way.

For the next two weeks, we’re offering each of these albums for A SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE OF $7.99 EACH. That’s for 320k MP3s, FLAC files, AAC, Ogg Vorbis – your choice – via the trusted BandCamp platform. After two weeks, the price for the albums goes up to $9.99.

Both these albums are out-of-print and aren’t available anyplace else on the inter-webs. When you buy these downloads, you’re supporting FMP, the musicians, and Destination: OUT.

Enjoy! And please keep those cards and letters — and requests — coming.

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