FMP Drop No. 3 -
Brötz Edition

Brötzmann | Van Hove | Bennink plus Mangelsdorf

Brötzmann | Mengelberg | Bennink

We’re continuing to mine the FMP motherlode. A couple of giant releases are this week’s new additions to our store – both by legendary saxophonist Peter Brötzmann. Sure, the guy has released a ton of records over the years, but don’t sleep on these. They’re two of his most essential releases!

Live in Berlin ’71 features the killer line-up of Brötzmann, Albert Mangelsdorff, Fred Van Hove, and Han Bennink in full flower. Coda magazine called them “the most explosive aggregation playing Europe at the time. Orgiastic, ecstatic, rageful, religious, energy music – all the superlatives fit.” The assaultive energy of Machine Gun is more famous, but this band has all that firepower plus finely honed detail and nuance. As an aesthetic achievement, it’s even better than its predecessor. One of the absolute high water marks of the European scene. Originally released on two CDs, which collected material from three separate albums, it’s two hours of music that will forever burn itself into your brain.

Another peak in his catalog, 3 Points and a Mountain (1979) showcases a very different side of Brötzmann’s music. It may be his must purely enjoyable album, offering freewheeling dadaist humor, energetic pastiche, and joyful excursions through a variety of styles. The expert trio of Brötz, Mengelberg, and Bennink is both focused and gleeful. Cadence noted that the music “possesses a vigor of discovery and invention that makes it sound timeless.” Plus there’s 30 minutes-worth of bonus tracks that rivals the original material.

For the next two weeks, we’re offering each of these albums for SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICES. Three Points is now $7.99, going to $9.99; Live in Berlin, as a double-CD, will retail for $15.99, but is for a limited time $12.99.

Both these albums are out-of-print and aren’t available anyplace else on the inter-webs. When you buy these downloads, you’re supporting FMP, the musicians, and Destination: OUT.

Finally, we would like, again, to thank Jost Gebers of FMP — and the musicians he represents — for entrusting us with this deep musical legacy. And thanks too to those of you making the actual purchases! It’s been wonderful to see.

Enjoy! And please keep those cards and letters — and requests — coming. Next up: some FMP titles that have never appeared on CD…

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6 Responses to FMP Drop No. 3 -
Brötz Edition

  1. Excellent — thanks all for making these available! I’ve been trying to track this set down for a while now.

    Any hints on the upcoming stuff? Tantalizing!

  2. Wow, ask and you shall receive! Thanks so much!
    (I’d like to second the ‘Swinging The Bim’ request, and add also ‘Berlin Abbozzi’)

  3. I was sold on Three Points . . . the minute I heard Brotzmann’s first autochthonous blurt on what I assume to be either a Bass Sax or Beowulf’s bike-horn. Mighty! I do appreciate these chances to get legal, morally-sound access to the great old sounds. Keep ‘er goin’!

  4. I’ve said it before and will say it again, this stuff needs to be reissued on Vinyl. I know it’s not going to happen anytime soon but who knows, someone might be listening. Anyway…Lovely stuff

  5. Thanks to everyone for the kind comments. As for hints on upcoming stuff, you might want to revisit some of our memorial posts….

  6. Wow!
    Altough I have about half of the FMP releases I’m more than happy.
    Please go on with offering this treasures.
    The price is really reasonable.

    I have some suggestions for re-releases:

    NEW JAZZ TRIO:”Alternate Takes” FMP 0390

    And: Is there also hope for any SAJ and UHLKLANG or the singles reissues?


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