And the Winners Are…

Henry Threadgill
Too Much Sugar For A Dime
Axiom : 1993

HT, alto sax; Leroy Jenkins, violin; Jason Hwang, violin; Dorian L. Peterson, tuba; Simon Shaheen, violin and oud; Johnny Rudas, culo e puya and fulia; Miguel Urvina, culo e puya and fulia; Mossa Bildner, vocals; Arenae, vocals; Larry Bright, drums.

Prolonged suspense always adds to the drama, doesn’t it? So before we announce the winners of our Threadgill Giveaways, we want to remind all our New York/Tri-State Area readers that this month’s Loft/Lab concert is tonight at 8 pm, featuring Ideal Bread performing the rare and “impossible” tunes of Steve Lacy. It’s an exclusive one night only event. Hope you’ll make it out – and bring some friends! Details here. (And if you’re on the fence, Nate Chinen gave the boys some love here.)

No, not the blindfold track. We’re referring to the track featured in today’s post – “In Touch” from Henry Threadgill’s Too Much Sugar For A Dime, perhaps the only great album from his fertile 80s and 90s period that is not featured on the sprawling Mosaic box set. This entire record is crackin’ — give or take some production choices by Bill Laswell — but we chose this particular track for its magnificent and idiosyncratic fanfare qualities. Give it a spin while we finally get down to business.

The answer to our blindfold test for the Mosaic set, the Novus & Columbia Recordings of Henry Threadgill & Air, was… Roscoe Mitchell’s “Nonaah.” This was the slow movement of the saxophone quartet version of that great composition, featuring Henry Threadgill in a rare supporting role, along with Joseph Jarman, Wallace McMillan, and Roscoe. You can pick up this fine, fine album from Nessa Records, who did a wonderful job with the recent reissue.

We were impressed that more than 50 people identified the track correctly, some before, some after the hints. But there can only be one winner of this massive and essential 8-CD set… and that is… drum-roll please…

Congratulations, Olie Brice! Drop us an email with your address and we’ll set you up.

Many thanks to Mosaic for providing us with such a lavish prize to giveaway. If your name isn’t Olie Brice, you can order your own copy here. Our sincere thanks to everyone who participated.

For the giveaway of Henry Threadgill’s latest release This Brings Us To, Volume 2, we were thinking of a number between one and a hundred. And that number was…  80.

Congratulation to Nuno Costa, who read our mind!

If you entered our Facebook giveway for this album, check that page for the results.

Many thanks to the kind folks over at Pi Recordings for providing us with these prizes. You can and should purchase a copy of the wonderful This Brings Us To, Volume 2, over at Pi or the music purveyor of your choice.

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