Tyshawn Sorey, with Steve Lehman & Todd Neufeld
09 Dec 2010

Evan Parker | Derek Bailey | Han Bennink
The Topography of the Lungs
Incus : 1970

EP, tenor sax; DB, guitar; HB, drums.

To close out our first season of shows, D:O is ecstatic to be presenting the first-ever public performance of the extraordinary trio of Tyshawn Sorey, Steve Lehman, and Todd Neufeld. When we invited Sorey to participate in the series, we weren’t entirely sure what we’d get: a solo set? The zen tone poems of Koan? He responded recently, and his words are below. As for the cut above…we got it from Sorey with no supporting info. Is it a taste of the havoc he plans to unleash on Thursday? An inspiration for this sax/guitar/drums foray? Or just a tune that offers distant hints of areas to explore? Only the adventurers who come out on Thursday will know for sure!

So, the details:

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Destination OUT’s Loft/Lab jazz series presents:
Tyshawn Sorey, with Steve Lehman and Todd Neufeld
Thursday, December 9 at 8 pm.
1158 Broadway, 5th Floor
Entrance is on 27th Street
$10.00 admission.

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And, from Tyshawn:

What to expect:

A way of investigating a single composition in real time – an indeterminate performance (it is part of my series of “intuitive music” for various instrumentations). My work “Acts” for quartet also demonstrates such an investigation. There is a lot of room for exploration in the music, compared to several of my other pieces.

This is a special trio I’m putting together – which will be quite different than what I’ve been doing (at least on record). This concert will feature Steve Lehman (sopranino saxophone) and Todd Neufeld (acoustic guitar).

I wanted it to be a situation where I would include two close collaborators, while at the same time creating a different kind of instrumentation. This instrumentation is important for me, because I never really experienced working with this combination of instruments before, although I’ve done much work in bass-less groups…which is where the direction of my writing is going, given the practical implications of having a bass involved in the music. Lehman, especially, has as strong a voice on the sopranino as he does on the alto – and I would like to have a project that would feature him on this very important instrument (we’ve also played several duo concerts years back, where he would use both horns).

Neufeld has been a longtime collaborator and one of my favorite guitarists I could ever work with – and I LOVE the sound that he gets out of his acoustic classical guitar, which is an instrument I’ve long wanted to feature on much of the music I’ve been writing recently. I composed several pieces for him and every time we play together I sense no feeling of ego, or an agenda that does the music a disservice… A VERY special guitarist.

So, I wanted a project with a very simple (and somewhat compact) instrumentation – I’ll be performing on a somewhat extended drum kit, although I hardly ever use any other devices, effects, etc., in addition. I like to think that I am able to pull a wide variety of sounds from a “standard” 4 piece drum kit, as opposed to having other sounds (although I am not at all against having such sounds in my arsenal of instruments).

Oh, AND: there will be no show in January, as we recover from this busy fall and plan a raft of (we hope) exciting live dates in February and beyond. Thanks to everyone who has supported this venture so far!

Ps. The Parker/Bailey/Bennink disc above was reissued by Parker’s Psi label in 2006, and can be had from the source here.

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