FMP #5: Rivers & Breuker

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First, we’re proud to make one of the late Willem Breuker‘s most important albums available again. Up until now an LP-only release, this live date finds his big band gleefully incorporating everything from pop standards, light opera, funeral marches, and shoo bop into their freewheeling brand of free jazz. The Kollektief offers both drama and inspired moments of humor, making for enjoyable music that’s sheer joy! It puts the ant in avant garde.

But don’t take our word for it:

“The music is really funny, dramatic, and happy all at once. The soloists are just superb. A most powerful music, full of many surprises.” – Coda

Live in Berlin is one of his strongest recordings, consisting chiefly of excerpts from two amorphous works. ‘La Plagiata’ is a series of frankly plagiarized fragments ornamented and contorted into fresh music. ‘Anthology’ is a catchall for vignettes that mercilessly satirize the postwar European avant garde as sterile and dogmatic. The eclecticism falls into Adorno’s definition of ‘literary music': It indulges with knowing credence street music, the European classics, all styles of jazz, dance musics (especially the tango), marches (an incidental link between the Kollektief and AACM), and bourgeois pop.” – Gary Giddins, Riding on a Blue Note

“An album that’s essential to a full understanding of Breuker’s music.” – All Music Guide

“It’s excellent, this sort of free association jazz. Much here is extremely humorous and plucky and a bit maniacal – but a tremendous joy.” – Cadence

The disc captures the Kollektief live on November 5th, 1975, during the Total Music Meeting in Berlin.

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Sam Rivers demonstrates the full range of his talents on this classic solo recording. At this Berlin concert, he jumps nimbly between piano, soprano and tenor saxophones, and flute. These concise tracks showcase Rivers at the peak of his powers, alternating between intense lyricism, dazzling pyrotechnics, and stately introspections. Highly listenable and simply riveting, this is one of his finest albums!

Let’s hear it from the chorus:

“At 67, Sam Rivers has a staggering curriculum vitae. Even so, he must regard Portrait as an exceptional achievement. It provides documentary evidence that he held one of the sternest New Music audiences in the palm of his hand for 76 minutes.” – The Wire

“His artistry, his technique, is rare today. This is a disc that deserves to be listened to in its entirety.” – Cadence

“Sam Rivers is at the height of his creative powers. The proof lies in Portrait.” – Jazziz

These tracks were recorded on June 17th & 18th, 1995, during the Workshop Freie Musik in Berlin.

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