The Roots

Horace Tapscott Quintet
The Giant Is Awakened
Flying Dutchman : 1969

HT, piano; Black Arthur Blythe, alto; David Bryant, bass; Walter Savage Jr., bass; Everett Brown Jr., drums.

Here is a banging number from that
Other swinging piano player named Horace.
Relatively unknown, but a crucial
Anchor of the jazz scene in 1960s L.A.
Created the Union of God’s Musicians & Artists Ascension,
Effectively launching folks like Black Arthur Blythe, David Murray, “Butch” Morris…

This album was in fact Blythe’s recording debut
And it’s a corker through and through.
Particularly notable is Tapscott’s own solo,
Synthesizing/anticipating Monk, Waldron, Pullen, plus
Copping some Jelly Roll too.
Other great sources on Tapscott include his own autobiography;
The Dark Tree, by Steven Louis Isoardi; and
The album by the same name, out via hat.

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6 Responses to The Roots

  1. What a great record. I’m surprised that nobody has taken it on themselves to reissue this gem.

  2. thanks for posting this! tapscott & his cats deserve more recognition – they were important. isoardi’s book is great too, and comes with a killer mix of rare UGMAA tracks.

  3. Horace is a hero of mine. Live at IUCC probably changed my life, silly as that sounds. Thanks for posting this, these albums deserve more ears!

  4. Always great to hear Horace. This album is indeed entirely blistering, but according to all eyewitnesses to the session, it was an off day for the group! Tapscott was unsatisfied with the mix too.

    I am guessing that Sony owns the master if it exists, as it was reissued by RCA/Novus in the 1980s. Hope somebody at Mosaic reads this blog…

    The Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra is celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year. They played two blistering sets at the LA County Museum of Art on MLK Day and have other gigs planned for the year. You can find the group on facebook and this web site:


  5. Glad to hear this piece, great music. I’m also pleased to read that the Isoardi book is excellent, …. I just ordered a copy before passing by this blog!

    Anybody read the book about Horace Tapscott ‘Songs of the Unsung’, and if so how is it?

    Maybe it’s time for a Destination Out jazz books posting? I noticed on jazzhouserecords a list of jazz books that went on forever, I was rather surprised!

  6. Painting by Benjamin Butler…

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