The Roots

Horace Tapscott Quintet
The Giant Is Awakened
Flying Dutchman : 1969

HT, piano; Black Arthur Blythe, alto; David Bryant, bass; Walter Savage Jr., bass; Everett Brown Jr., drums.

Here is a banging number from that
Other swinging piano player named Horace.
Relatively unknown, but a crucial
Anchor of the jazz scene in 1960s L.A.
Created the Union of God’s Musicians & Artists Ascension,
Effectively launching folks like Black Arthur Blythe, David Murray, “Butch” Morris…

This album was in fact Blythe’s recording debut
And it’s a corker through and through.
Particularly notable is Tapscott’s own solo,
Synthesizing/anticipating Monk, Waldron, Pullen, plus
Copping some Jelly Roll too.
Other great sources on Tapscott include his own autobiography;
The Dark Tree, by Steven Louis Isoardi; and
The album by the same name, out via hat.

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