FMP #6: Brötz, Cyrille & COWWS!

Two new terrific rarities in the store — neither previously released on CD! Carefully remastered for exceptional sound quality.

One of the rarest items in Brötzmann’s discography and an album that showcases yet another side of his music. This 1982 meeting with preeminent American free jazz drummer Andrew Cyrille features barnstorming energy workouts, as well as more subdued explorations of rhythmic textures, multiphonics, and melody. Expect the unexpected, from bicycle horns to bits of “Night in Tunisia!”

“This encounter between Brötzmann and the masterful Cyrille underscores the free music axiom that energy creates structure. While Brötzmann’s ‘Wolf Whistle’ is a vivid foray in flat-out intensity, it is Cyrille’s ‘Quilt’ that contains the program’s most memorable moments.” – Coda

“Andrew Cyrille is perhaps the preeminent free-jazz percussionist of the 1980s and ’90s. Few drummers play with a tenth of Cyrille’s grace and authority. His energy is unflagging, his power absolute, tempered only by an ever-present sense of propriety.” – All Music Guide

Never heard of this? You’re not alone: This double-album is one of the great lost masterpieces of the FMP catalog. These gorgeous, expansive compositions offer hypnotic grooves, expressive strings, and twanging guitar straight out of Ennio Morricone. The pieces are electronic and romantic, atmospheric and dramatic, minimalist and trippy. It’s more like something off Brian Eno’s Obscure label than FMP, but it’s one of their very best releases. Do yourself — and your ears — a favor and just start listening to the stream, above. What have you got to lose?

“For years the FMP label from Germany has been producing some of the finest examples of improvised and experimental music to come out of Europe. This two LP set by Rüdiger Carl and the group can easily be listed among the best. The music twists and turns as it builds in intensity, taking the attentive listener on a surrealistic voyage that holds some surprises along the way. ‘Count’ contains some outrageous guitar and ‘Swirls’ may just be the wildest sci-fi soundtrack of all times. Highly recommended.” – Damp

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