Destination: 2008


Before we get to our annual survey of popular hits for the year, one quick bit of housekeeping. Folks keep asking us exactly who are Chilly Jay Chill and Prof. Drew LeDrew, and where the hell did we come up with such ridiculous monikers? It seems overdue to unmask ourselves, especially since we never meant to be coy and hide behind pseudonyms in the first place. So without further ado…

Chill Jay Chill = Jeff Jackson
Prof. Drew LeDrew = Jeff Golick

The stage names date from Chemistry Class, a now defunct blog that predated this one. To amuse ourselves, we would change our handles there every so often. When we launched Dest: OUT in WordPress, we assumed it would be similarly easy to change monikers. How wrong we were. The masks have frozen our faces but we kind of like them, so we’ll continue to use them in the comments. Besides, it’s easier than keeping track of two Jeffs.


Now on to our third annual look back at the most popular tracks Dest: OUT hosted over the past year. We’ve chosen what readers opted to download most often from this site. Since the site broke down twice (!) last year, we’ve checked the stats of old and new servers then devised a complicated algorithm that takes into account the time each track was available and the digits of Karou Abe’s death date. In this way the list below results in our “Top 8 Greatest and Most-Downloaded Destination: OUT Hits of 2008, More or Less”!

This is an opportunity to hear some tracks you may have missed or previously overlooked. None of this will be up for very long, so grab them now. Enjoy!

So here we go:

Herbie Hancock / Chameleon
Yes, yes, the grooves, the grooves are funky.

Marzette Watts Ensemble / Lonely Woman
Spooky rather than show-offy.

Don Cherry / I Walk
“No Wave Roller Disco Jazz.”

John and Alice Coltrane / Peace on Earth
Nothing less than a complete recontextualizing and reimagining of John Coltrane’s music.

Air / The Traveller
It kind of kills accompaniment and puts everything on an equal footing.

Ornette Coleman / Zig Zag
It’s almost as though the Englewood Cliffs studio lent a certain free-boppish air.

Masabumi Kikuchi and Gil Evans / Priestess
She hones in on the sensual quality.

Teo Macero / Equals
Okay, so name a famous jazz producer.

We’ll be back in the coming weeks to bail out your New Year with a pile of new music, some exceptional guest posts, contests for free music, and much more, including a look back at the late, some say great, 1980s. Stay tuned and thanks, as ever, for reading!

Happy Oh! Oh! Nine!

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