FMP #7: Bennink, Mengelberg, and Tischtennis

A deeply buried treasure from the vaults of FMP! This extraordinary piano and drums duet from 1974 was one of the very first releases on the SAJ subsidiary label (SAJ #3). A meeting of two masters in their unfettered prime, Mengleberg and Bennink deliver heedless and vibrant music that swings, stomps, and pirouettes. It’s sometimes lyrical, sometimes destructive, and always fun. The music suggests a mashup of Monk, Kurt Weill, and Cecil Taylor, with some table tennis, bird decoys, and singing saws thrown in for good measure. What the term rip-snorting was coined to describe.

We’re also taking this opportunity just to re-link to this wonderful ICP video. Bennink and Mengelberg are the first two folks in the video (though admittedly we get a better look at Han’s car than the man himself). Enjoy:

: : : : : : : : : : :

Our second BITCHES BREW LIVE drawing happened, and we’re happy to announce the winner, with number 96 (again, chosen at random): Nathan Hanson. Congrats, Nathan! If you are reading this, feel free to drop us an email. Otherwise, we’ll try to hit you via your comment address. Thanks to all who entered!

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