CT @ 80

Cecil Taylor & Tony Oxley
Triple Point Records : 2009

CT, piano; TO, drums.

Cecil Taylor turned 80 yesterday. Octogenarians in the house, say yeah. To honor the occasion, we’re pleased and privileged to present an exclusive track from Taylor’s upcoming album Ailanthus/Alitssima. This 2-LP set was recorded during Taylor’s Village Vanguard duo stint with Tony Oxley in July 2008. It was a spectuacular two-week run, and the artists have culled the best performances from over ten hours of recordings.

Ailanthus/Altissima: bilateral dimensions of two root songs will be available on vinyl only — in a limited run of 500-odd copies. More details on the record and its full contents are available at the Triple Point site. They’re taking pre-orders now. If vinyl’s your bag, you know what to do.

Drew was lucky enough to catch one of the sets at the Vanguard last year. He directs your attention to this fine, fine write-up over at Hank Shteamer’s place for as detailed and lovingly articulate a description as you’re going to get. New Yorkers are highly recommended to catch Cecil Taylor this weekend at Merkin Hall. At 80 years old, he miraculously displays an undimmed vitality, athelticism that bests players half his age, and a musicality that’s simply unparalleled.  

D:O thanks Ben Young, Hank Shteamer, and the artists for making this happen.

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