FMP #9: Lonely Brötzmann

To continue the Ornette vibe of this week, we are proud and delighted to bring you a phenomenal 1984 solo outing from Peter Brötzmann, one that kicks off with a loose, baritone rendition of “Lonely Woman.” What follows are 23 etudes of varying length, from mere seconds to a max of six minutes, wherein Brötzmann experiments with tone and texture on a wide range of horns.

Far from an ascetic experience, 14 Love Poems (Plus Ten More) provides moments of sheer beauty and lush melodic forays. While not quite “Brötzmann for Lovers,” it nonetheless has us swooning. For anyone who’s never taken the plunge on a Brötzmann album, this is an excellent entry point. And for hardcore fans, it offers a rare glimpse of the softer side of the leather-lunged titan. We hope you’ll pick up a copy in the Dest: OUT store via the link above!

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3 Responses to FMP #9: Lonely Brötzmann

  1. Thank you for making these recordings available. I am happy to pay for them.

    I know that that Jost Gebers has clamped down on illegal downloads of FMP, which is fine as long as he works with you or someone to keep this music available.

    I know I speak for a lot of people when I suggest that his decision to close the label, was disappointing. While the last set was amazing it is sad to think of the “orphan recordings” which remain unlikely to see reissue.

    Without the work you are doing we are looking at ebay bids of $70 + dollars for old vinyl copies of these wonderful recordings.

    Yesterday, I lost an auction for the John Tchicai disc on SAJ. Every day you see these recordings going for hundreds of dollars, which means that they are out of reach to most.

    Thank you for your work,.

  2. I totally agree with slovenlyric.

    To try to hunt down the FMP LPs proves to be a very expensive task.
    In most cases it’s beyond my budget.

    The more I appreciate to download ‘em from DO and I know the money will go to whom it belongs!

    And I want to renew my request for never before issued recordings from the FMP archives.
    As far as I know all concerts made under the moniker FMP were recorded – since 1975.
    Before this date only some concerts were captured.

    Any information about it ?

    However – thanks again for making available these treasures.

  3. Thank you so much for this recording. it is just beautiful.

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