Long Live the Weasle King

Dudu Pukwana | Misha Mengelberg | Han Bennink
Yi Yole
ICP : 1978

DP, alto sax, whistle; MM, piano; HB, trombone.

New Dutch Swing meets South African Ex-Pat and here’s what we get: a boisterous ten minutes of wondrous jazz whatsit. Bennink doesn’t play any percussion. Mengelberg does his best to subvert the tune from within. And Pukwana sidles his way in between this well-established duo, insisting on a certain level of tunefulness. Somehow it all works.

While not a landmark recording in the discographies of the three gentlemen, it’s far more than a mere curiosity. It’s easy to hear how Mengelberg’s approach to “song” differs from Pukwana’s. The former wants to constantly shake it up; the latter to strengthen the foundation and generate an elegant momentum. Bennink is often more onlooker than participant, which is an unusual position for him. All told, it’s a highly entertaining intercontinental summit meeting.

We post this ICP label release today in advance of our digital reissue of the exceptional and hyper-rare ICP Tentet in Berlin, coming to the D:O Store on Wednesday.

Also coming: THE ICP ORCHESTRA, which begins an American tour this Wednesday with a concert in Baltimore, followed by gigs in New York (Thursday!), Austin, and Seattle, among other stops. Finally, there’s news that all ICP records will be available again before the end of the year. If it comes to pass, this will be a serious boon to music lovers everywhere.

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