FMP #12: They Play

A treat: the rarely heard trombone/drums duo of Christmann and Schönenberg, captured in 1973. Known perhaps more readily as two-thirds of Rüdiger Carl Inc. (“known” being a relative commodity), we here get the unalloyed joy of a two-way conversation between a pair of thoughtful, eloquent improvisers. At first Schönenberg seems the more introverted, with Christmann exploring the full range of timbres and sounds his instrument can generate. But the roles often switch places, with no one firmly adopting the role of “leader.” If you’re looking for compelling musical dialogue, we urge you to purchase a copy of this!

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6 Responses to FMP #12: They Play

  1. Thanks a lot – had this one as a lp rip.
    Was always looking for the LP proper.
    And now a remastered version!!

    This duo is surely an almost neglected albeit seminal group of free improvisation.

    Furthermore Günter Christmann is a serious but pretty gracious person.

    He is aware of his position in Improvised Music but at the same time a humble guy.

    Unfortunately Detlev Schönenberg has abadoned music – very special drumming.

  2. More thanks. I was blown away by these Christmann/Schonenberg duos when I first heard them, and I’ve been waiting for them to be reissued for a while. Fantastic stuff. Keep it coming. If you want to keep Remarks coming that would be extra awesome.

  3. Unfortunately I had never heard this duo before. Holy crap, they are amazing, need more from these two. Have already listened to this 5 times.
    Also one suggestion (maybe) = FMP 160 – Globe Unity 73 Live in Wuppertal!!! Would love to get my mits on that 1.
    Keep up the great work D/O. Have downloaded most of these. Keep em’ comin’.

  4. Detlef Schoenenberg died in the nineties If I remember correctly. He suffered from leukemia.
    A great loss for the music

  5. Detlef Schönenberg is still alive.
    He’s becoming a therapist with a firm esoteric direction.

    He abandoned music after he’s got an enlightment during a solo cooncert.
    It was kind of a shock for Günter Christmann…

  6. Hi Guys, thanks for the posting. I was astonished about that posting and your comments, which I discovered right now. Thank you for this. As you see I am still alive and not at all did I abondon anything. Contrary. I treasure the experiences of my life. Even as I was pushed upon the next level of consciousness and vibration which I had to digest at first before I was able to accept the life plan which I had given myself, now to become an open book.The music itself urged the transformation of my work. I am still a musician. The sounds, however, are not to be heard physically, but the qualities of good music are pervading our world always, and I am one part in it. But I am happy you enjoy what we did in that fruitful period of my life. It went on in an even larger conquering of spiritual freedom, which certainly deserves the name”free”. Little did I know what I was prepared for when I started to dive into the drumming experience. Thanks that I did. Those who google me see some of my manifold works and my multitudinous expressions of what I came for to manifest here on earth. Enjoy life dear friends. Thanks for your attention! Detlef

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