Matana Roberts, Solo
20 May 2011

Matana Roberts
[ soundcloud ] : 2010

MR, alto.

We at Dest: Out are incredibly pleased and proud to be able to present what promises to be a remarkable show this Friday at the Salt Space: Matana Roberts, in a special solo set. (We are so excited we’re rolling out the heavy alliteration.) We have enjoyed Roberts’ solo stylings via her generous Soundcloud page — one of these performances is linked above — and expect a wonderfully intimate and intense evening.

The details:

* * * * *

Destination OUT’s Loft/Lab jazz series presents:
Matana Roberts, Solo
Friday, May 20 at 8 pm.
1158 Broadway, 5th Floor
Entrance is on 27th Street
$10.00 admission.

* * * * *

Last week saw the release of Roberts’ astounding new album, Coin Coin, Chapter 1, the first in a planned twelve-volume series that will seemingly chart nothing less than the African American experience in the US. In scope and ambition, it will likely rival John Carter’s monumental Roots and Folklore: Episodes in the Development of American Folk Music project.

If you have not yet purchased Coin Coin — and why haven’t you? — you will be able to do so at the show on Friday. Constellation Records has made a sampler of the record available, and we have it here:

COIN COIN sampler
Matana Roberts
Coin Coin, Chapter 1: Gens des Couleur Libres
Constellation : 2011

You can also stream the whole album, and enjoy a video at the Constellation site. In addition, there are some live performances of Coin Coin material that Roberts has generously made available via the Free Music Archive, which you can check out here. And she also maintains a youtube channel here.

Hope to see you at the show! This is our last Loft/Lab set until the fall, as we step aside to let the festivals take over.

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