Jackie McLean
Blue Note : 1963

JM, alto sax; Grachan Moncur III, trombone; Bobby Hutcherson, vibes; Larry Ridley, bass; Roy Haynes, drums.

It’s hard to believe, but this is the fifth birthday of Destination: Out. The site was born from a frustrated attempt to sell a book about adventurous jazz. Over a dozen publishers assured us there was no audience for the subject. We decided to use our research and record collections to share the great-but-obscure music we’d found over years and launched the very first jazz MP3 website. We had no idea if anyone else out there would be interested.

From the get-go, we’ve been overwhelmed by all the complimentary comments and emails we’ve received from readers all over the globe. Not to mention the rare albums that people have kindly shared with us. Although we don’t respond to the comments as often as we’d like, we read every one and deeply appreciate the various insights, corrections, quibbles, and compliments. They’re what has kept us doing the site.

We’ve also been thrilled that the site has been embraced by jazz musicians, writers, and record labels. Many of our favorite musicians have been generous enough to write guest posts about their inspirations and other musical fascinations. Our thanks to them as well.

When deciding what track to post for the occasion, we were surprised to realize that we’d never shared anything from the album that inspired the site’s name. (No, it wasn’t t named after a gay-friendly travel agency.) So here’s our favorite tune off Jackie McLean’s great Destination Out. “Love and Hate” may seem a bit introspective and melancholy for the occasion, but for us the track’s sense of mystery and drama has always evoked a moment of awakening, an image of the sun rising over the jagged Manhattan skyline, slowly burning through the morning haze.

We hate to be crass, but if you’re looking for a concrete way to show your appreciation, there’s nothing we’d like more than you buying a copy of one of the many great FMP albums available from our download store.

Your purchase not only encourages FMP to keep remastering and sharing these wonderful albums with the world, it also helps us with the upkeep of the site. Plus, you get an amazing album. It’s win-win!

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  1. May I be the first to say happy birthday, many thanks for all the great posts gone by and here’s to more of the same in the years ahead. I would have bought your book if it had been published, but I doubt if it would have provided as much pleasure or enlightenment as the website!

  2. I spent many years in the book publishing biz, having to write pathetic rejection letters like the ones you received (and worse, having to edit even more pathetic book projects that were accepted). Destination Out has been a rarified pleasure to devour with each and every new offering. The thoughtful commentary, erudite track selections, and zealous advocacy for so many deserving artists and their creations—your efforts have been all so appreciated. And necessary. Many thanks for the great parenting you’ve done with your five-year-old!

  3. Happy birthday! I love this site and have learned a lot from it. Here’s to at least five more years.

  4. Doug! FOF in the house! The sad, sad publishing house…

    THANKS to all for the comments. Getting teary over here.

  5. Keep up the great work! Keep those FMPs coming

  6. Happy birthday! This is one of my fav blogs,thanks for five years of amazing music


  7. Congratulations on your first five years and many thanks for all the great music and comments. (You share a birthday with Eric Dolphy too!)

  8. Congrats, guys — may you see tons more such anniversaries. “Love and Hate” gets me every time. I caught a McLean/Hutcherson/Moncur performance in NYC shortly before McLean’s death, and Moncur seemed out of sorts the whole night. When they played “Love and Hate,” though, something clicked into place and he pulled off an absolutely wrenching solo. Based on this album and several others of the period, he is a true giant of ’60s jazz.

  9. congrats & happy b-day, D:O! been listening & reading since the get-go. this post is gonna send me to dig up my mosaic select grachan moncur/jackie mclean joints. keep up the great work!

  10. Congrats and Happy Birthday guys! Perfect time to reflect on what a great blog this is and how it shouldn’t be taken for granted… all the great posts from musicians like Iverson, Lehman, Iyer, Halvorson etc… let alone the loft series, FMP downloads etc… and of course your own great posts!… speaking for myself, you guys make it look easy, but i’m sure none of anything that goes on with this blog happens by magic… thanks as always.

  11. Congratulations on your five-year anniversary, fellas. Best regards, and please keep up the good work!

  12. you have made the loss of my record collection bearable and more

  13. Thanks so much for 5 years of enlightenment.

  14. Thanks for five great years and for bringing back the FMP catalogue!

  15. Great site that I’m always dropping by. After all it’s always exciting to see what new posts pop up every few days/weeks. I’m enjoying the guest posts also.

    All the best now you’re 5 …. incredible stuff for a five year old!

  16. just HAPPY BIRTHDAY and a warm thank you from Italy – I’ve been following your site since four years and in my opinion the promise to adventure in jazz explorations seems fully fulfilled !

  17. Happy 5 !

    Been reading, listening and learning since July 06. Aside from enjoying the rips, the site has directly influenced me to multiple solid music purchases (Paul Bley, Larry Young, Matt Shipp, Marion Brown and many others). Plus much spreading of the word to anyone who will listen.

    How about a fund raising Destination Out ! T Shirt? Perhaps links to major online retailer so you can get trickle funds?

    Thanks for all the efforts. James ( a Brit in DC ).

  18. Thanks a bunch guys, great posts, songs and contributions. I’ve read every post for five years.

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