FMP #15: Globe Unity 73!

This one’s for all you Globe Unity fans out there, a true treasure that’s been lovingly remastered by FMP. A beautiful performance by the Orchestra captured at the height of their powers. From the rousing Jelly Roll Morton opener, to the monumental Peter Kowald piece”Maniacs” that concludes the concert and brings the roof down, Live in Wuppertal showcases the variety, versatility, and sheer joie de vivre that are the hallmarks of Globe Unity at their finest. If you’ve never experienced the band John Litweiler called “the most remarkable assembly of outside jazz talent since the AACM big bands that Muhal Richard Abrams used to lead in Chicago,” then step right up and have a listen.

Oh, by the way, here’s the band line-up:
Manfred Schoof: trumpet
Kenny Wheeler: trumpet
Peter Bennink: alto saxophone, bagpipes
Peter Brötzmann: alto, tenor & bass saxophone
Gerd Dudek: tenor saxophone, clarinet, flute
Evan Parker: soprano & tenor saxophone
Michel Pilz: bass clarinet, flute, baritone saxophone
Günter Christmann: trombone
Paul Rutherford: trombone
Peter Kowald: tuba, alphorn, conduction
Alexander von Schlippenbach: piano, conduction
Buschi Niebergall: double bass
Paul Lovens: drums

Works for us!

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