FMP #19: Kowald ’72

Photo: Dagmar Gebers / FMP

An important, vibrant early document from the late, great bass player/composer Peter Kowald, never before on CD. Here are four loose-limbed performances from a 1972 concert; quiet moments of intense focus from Kowald and drummer Paul Lovens alternate with full-throated rave-ups from all five band members. (The three others are Peter van de Locht, alto; and Günter Christmann & Paul Rutherford, trombones.) For those that dig the low end, freedom, beauty.

Please note too another early FMP additional to the store that has not received a proper D:O post: the Aylerite THE OLD SONG, which features the Gumpert/Sommer duo plus the wailing saxophone stylings of Manfred Hering. Click the cover below to be taken to that album’s page in the store.

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