FMP #19: Kowald ’72

Photo: Dagmar Gebers / FMP

An important, vibrant early document from the late, great bass player/composer Peter Kowald, never before on CD. Here are four loose-limbed performances from a 1972 concert; quiet moments of intense focus from Kowald and drummer Paul Lovens alternate with full-throated rave-ups from all five band members. (The three others are Peter van de Locht, alto; and Günter Christmann & Paul Rutherford, trombones.) For those that dig the low end, freedom, beauty.

Please note too another early FMP additional to the store that has not received a proper D:O post: the Aylerite THE OLD SONG, which features the Gumpert/Sommer duo plus the wailing saxophone stylings of Manfred Hering. Click the cover below to be taken to that album’s page in the store.

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7 Responses to FMP #19: Kowald ’72

  1. Thanks so much for making these available! I haven’t picked them all up (hard drive space and cash being at a premium), but I am very grateful that FMP is making them available like this. It’s important work, and it’s appreciated!

  2. Van Der Locht rules!

    That “At Different Times” LP with Noel McGhie and Burton Greene is a killer. Great choices this week, y’all.

  3. Thanks again for this treasures from FMP.

    Peter Kowald’s Quintet I’ve looking for a long time; and it is better than I thought!

    Although I have the LP “The Old Song” I shall buy the remastered version from you – I would like to broadcast it and I don’t have to rip it.

    All in all: relevant work here on “Desatination Out”.

  4. Thanks very much for this. A question for any experts: my copy of this is in a b&w sleeve, does anyone know if the coloured sleeve is a later printing/pressing?

  5. B&W sleeve (with blue and yellow stickers) is the first pressing; a second was just straight B&W, and the third (and last) issue of the LP had the red border as above.

  6. thanks for making this available , and to O Rupp, for the nice remaster, Appreciated!

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