Culmination, of a sort

We had hoped that this would be a celebratory post. Given the passing of Sam Rivers on December 26th, it is necessarily mournful. What started as a jolly contest concludes as a teary memorial. As we work on what we hope will be a fitting tribute to Rivers, and work on coming to grips with this sad news, we nevertheless proceed with the final stages of the giveaway.

The Fates have spoken, and the winning number in the Rivers/Mosaic drawing is 94, which means the Mosaic Select will soon be winging it’s way to Diana Arvanites (once we learn her address). Congratulations, Diana! And many thanks to all who entered. We hope you’ll try again whenever we give this another go.

Please enjoy a couple of tracks from Rivers’ solo FMP album, Portrait, above. We send our best wishes and condolences to the extended Rivers family, and to all who were touched by his music.

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4 Responses to Culmination, of a sort

  1. I still can’t believe we’ve actually lost Sam Rivers forever. Rivers, like Dixon, was a true innovator. His fearlessness was thrilling.

  2. My first – and still the best – jazz concert was about 30 years ago: Sam Rivers, Dave Holland & a drummer whose name escapes me just now. A small lecture hall at my uni and about 25 in attendance. I had no idea who they were or if they were famous. “Bloody hell,” I thought as the guys went about their business with no fuss, show nor disdain for the size of the audience or the bizarre shape of the room, “if this is jazz, I LIKE IT!!”

    Sam, you were undersung but not, I think, underloved. And hey, you were meant to just go on forever…

  3. Thanks! You guys rock in a jazzy way of course!

  4. yes… RIP and all that. a very bizarre way to see in an important new year, but then… just the way it goes… still, i kick myself a bit harder now for not seeing him, or to be precise his big band, back in 2004. the london jf… saw braxton’s now legendary quintet of course, and CT and oxley and bill dixon the same night – more money and more nights back in london (already lived in wales by then) coulda seen me take in the reformed ganelin trio, carla bley (woulda wanted that at the time, not so much now i think) – and rivers. i was and am most miffed about missing the latter because i don’t think i ever did get another chance and sort of assumed i probably would. i’m a big admirer who is by no means done with listening to this master, and i don’t profess to understand his work fully but his passion, huge energy, intellect, virtuosity, generosity etc etc will all be missed – and the words “70s loft jazz scene” and “studio rivbea” will always go together.

    kick it, indeed…

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