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It’s been a year since we launched the FMP download store. We’ve been incredibly honored to make so many great recordings available for the first time in years – if not decades. We’ve been generally encouraged by the sales and thankful for everyone who’s supported the venture by purchasing one (or more!) of these albums.

For those who haven’t been sure where to start, we present the Top 10 bestsellers from the FMP store to date. There are some stone-cold classics in here, along with some fascinating outliers that have pricked up people’s ears. Click on the album covers below to be taken to each LP’s page in the store.

Peter Kowald, Wadada Leo Smith, and Gunter Sommer  –
Touch the Earth – Break The Shells 

We said:  “An amazing value that combines both the trio’s essential FMP albums onto a single release.”

Schlippenbach Trio  – Elf Bagatellen

We said: “With its relatively compact tunes and killer line-up, Elf Bagatellen serves as an ideal introduction to Schlippenbach’s sound world.”

Peter Br
ötzmann and Andrew Cyrille –
Andrew Cyrille Meets Br
ötzmann in Berlin

We said: “Features barnstorming energy workouts, as well as more subdued explorations of rhythmic textures, multiphonics, and melody. Expect the unexpected, from bicycle horns to bits of ‘Night in Tunisia’!”

Globe Unity Special 75 – Rumbling

We said: “Simply put: The 1975 edition of the mighty Globe Unity Orchestra is captured in full swing on a great night.”

The Noah Howard Quartet – Schizophrenic Blues

We said:  “Although best known for his free jazz work in the late ’60s, Howard’s music reached its fullest flower in the late ’70s. This expansive album features a tribute to Albert Ayler, gospel workouts, mutated blues, a one-of-a-kind Stevie Wonder cover, and much more.”

Willem Breuker Kollektief – Live in Berlin

We said: “This important live date finds Brueker’s big band gleefully incorporating everything from pop standards, light opera, funeral marches, and shoo bop into their freewheeling brand of free jazz.”

Peter Brötzmann, Albert Mangelsdorff, Fred Van Hove,
Han Bennink – Live in Berlin ’71

We said:  “The assaultive energy of Brötzmann’s Machine Gun may be more famous, but his double-disc Live in Berlin has all that firepower plus finely honed detail and nuance.”

Steve Lacy Quintet – Follies

We said: “Although it’s never been widely available, aficionados have long praised Follies as one of Lacy’s finest works.”

ICP Tentet – In Berlin

We said:  “Swing, blues, marches; comedy, tragedy, farce; harmony, dissonance, raspberries — it’s all here. If you are not feeling this, it’s possible you don’t like life.”

Misha Mengelberg and Han Bennink  –
Eine Partie Tischtennis

We said: “A meeting of two masters in their unfettered prime, Mengleberg and Bennink deliver heedless and vibrant music that swings, stomps, and pirouettes.”

Next up: Ten fantastic FMP releases that we think have been overlooked.

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