[FMP] Singles Going Steady!

What better way to ring in the summer than with some “Bavarian Calypso!”

For our latest batch of FMP releases, we are thrilled to present something special: three of the singles released by FMP in the mid-1970s. If you have been leery of diving into the FMP catalog, here is an ideal, low-cost, low-risk, high-reward method for dipping a toe in these European waters.

The first of these, FMP S 6, features the original two-track single, plus an extra five (5!) bonus tracks of material: two alternate takes of the original single’s two sides, plus three additional tunes with guitarist Hans Reichel sitting in. Call it an EP. It’s a joyous, expansive group of tunes that deserve the widest possible audience.

Here’s another Globe Unity outing, this one a longer track from a 1974 live performance. Originally two sides of a single, here the tune it stitched seamlessly together for the first time. Ranging widely across the sonic landscape, it stands splendidly on its own, and features standout solos from Evan Parker and Mongezi Feza.

And, as something of a postscript to the many Hans Reichel albums we’ve offered here over the past several months, here are two brief yet captivating cuts from Reichel, recorded in 1974. These solo tunes show off just a bit of Reichel’s unorthodox guitar stylings. We hope you’ll want to hear more…

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