And the Wadada winner is….

Leo Smith Trio
The Mass on the World
Moers : 1978

LS, trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion; Dwight Andrews, reeds; Bobby Naughton, percussion.

We’re a bit slow in announcing the winner of our contest — but hopefully you won’t mind a few more moments of suspense. And we hope you’ll enjoy these tracks from Wadada Leo Smith’s rare 1978 album The Mass on the World. These stripped-down tunes find Wadada in an unusual trio format, a fluid group without any bass.  Recorded at the 7th Moers Festival, May 15, 1978, the songs and album title borrow from Teilhard de Chardin’s Hymn of the Universe, a poetic and impressionistic account of the spiritual world first published in 1961. There is a spareness to the music that suits the material that (presumably) inspired it, a patient, probing quality typical of Smith’s output. The concert closer, “Kweli (Truth),” is the only tune not to take its title from the Hymn, and it contains the most sustained blowing — a fitting capper to a spellbinding set.

For the giveaway of Wadada Leo Smith’s massive 4-CD Ten Freedom Summers, we were thinking of a number between 1 and 200. Or more accurately, we used the random number generator to pick those digits. And that number was…  147. Congratulation to Joe Higham from Belgium!

Joe says: “I must say I nearly didn’t bother entering, I thought it would be impossible to get ‘the’ right number. I’m one of the reviewers who’s been reviewing on ‘Free jazz blog‘ since quite a few years. I’d noticed Stef’s review of the album – which naturally he loves – and was extremely curious. I didn’t have a chance to hear that album as it wasn’t sent out to me, so now the problem is resolved, I can finally get to hear it for myself.” Joe chose Wadada’s Dark Lady of the Sonnets as a fave WLS, adding “but there’s so much to choose from, a very prolific performer.”

Many thanks to the kind folks over at Cuneiform Records for providing us with this prize. You can and should purchase a copy of the wonderful Ten Freedom Summers, over at Cuneiform, or the music purveyor of your choice.

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