FMP Sweetmeats

Down in front.

Just in time for your Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Festivus shopping, we’ve got some brand new offerings in our FMP download store. They’re the perfect gift for that hard-working person on your list whose impeccable music tastes are never fully appreciated: namely, YOU!

One you won’t want to miss is The Nearer the Bone, The Sweeter the Meat – never before on CD and recently picked by The Wire as one of saxophone colossus Peter Brötzmann’s most crucial recordings. It features legendary South African drummer Louis Moholo-Moholo (see Alexander Hawkins’ recent guest post about him!) and bassist Harry Miller. It’s a stunning album, but don’t take our word for it:

Moholo’s skipping gallop of rat-a-tat snare and high-tuned toms, accompanied by shouts and moans of ecstatic excitement, propels the set with terrific forward momentum. But what’s most impressive is the trio’s ability to ease off the volume and open up a more subtle sound palette, without ever letting the velocity or intensity flag. As Moholo drops down into a rapid patter, like raindrops on an upturned wooden bucket, Miller investigates abstract arco shapes, which find a natural resonance with Brötzmann’s long, languid lines. The title track is a study in patience, with Miller’s pizzicato details and Moholo’s muted barrage  guiding Brotzmann into a leisurely ascent from the lower registers of his bass clarinet, like thick coils of smoke slowly rising. -Daniel Spicer, The Wire

Or listen for yourself:

Other new FMP digital releases to check out:

This uber-rare and highly sought-after debut recording from Rüdiger Carl is finally available again! Featuring the unusual trio of tenor sax, trombone, and drums, the six tracks chart a musical dialogue that’s roiling and rumbling, intense and interwoven. European fire music!

This FMP power trio presents the sonorous bass clarinet of Michel Pilz alongside bass powerhouse Peter Kowald and percussionist extraordinaire Paul Lovens. A lovely mid-1970s foray into spontaneous song-making.

Paul Lovens, 1976. (Photo by Dagmar Gebers.)

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13 Responses to FMP Sweetmeats

  1. Thanx for the Brötzmann! It’s recently been released on vinyl, but we really needed a digital version as well.

    This trio is sadly underrecorded, so let us have the other one they did as soon as possible :-)

    You know: Opened, but hardly touched

  2. Thank you for your continued work I have been trying to get King Alcohol for a long time and keep loosing on ebay. Your project of getting the FMP stuff out there is a real service to the community.

  3. @ Eric – you should get King Alcohol on vinyl still from Rüdiger Carl himself.
    I bought several of his LPs some months ago.
    Cheaper than on ebay and new…

    @ the crew of Destination-Out: THANKS for ongoing work in making those FMP treasures available again.

    Although I have quite some LPs from the FMP catalogue I buy your digital releases nonetheless.
    And you help me saveing my time – no need for me to rip ‘em for my broadcasts.

    Still I’m hoping that in the future there will be more unreleased FMP recordings from Jost Geber’s vault…

    And now I shall buy one or two…

  4. Thank you so much for FINALLy making this incredible album available in a digital format. If you follow it up with “Opened, But Hardly Touched” I would be byond happy.


  5. Thanks for keeping the flames burning!

    I didn’t know Carl still had LPs available; wouldn’t mind filling a few late FMP holes.

  6. At some point at the late phase of the original FMP, Carl bought the remaining stock of his LPs.
    Don’t know how many he still has left, but give it a try…

  7. I would also second the request for a digital relaunching of the other lp. It’s as good as the above. Brötzmann is known for his ferocity, but there are moments of languidity in there, too. Among the best in the Brötzmann discography, and if you ask me, in the FMP catalogue as well.

  8. Another vote of thanks for King Alcohol especially!

    (If you’re taking votes for the next batch, I’d love Christmann/Schonenberg/Boje’s Remarks.)

  9. @ Destination-out people, thank you yet again; I particularly enjoyed the King Alcohol.

    @ onxidlib, I wasn’t aware that any of this vinyl was still available new, so how do I get in touch with Rudiger Carl?

  10. Folks: thanks so much for taking the time to comment, and, perhaps more importantly, buying the music. It’s practically a revolutionary act at this point.

    Thanks too for the requests for next FMP titles. As it happens, we are subject to the unique logic and scheduling acumen of FMP head Jost Gebers. He sends; we sell.

    Finally, all thanks are really due to Herr Gebers, who (for reasons that still elude us) trusted a couple of bloggers with no actual sales experience to bring his sonic motherlode to market. We value (and marvel at) that trust, and owe him our gratitude for making this music available.

  11. Yes, all praise to Jost! Continuing to be a leading light in this small corner of the musicverse we love so dearly.

    Long live FMP!

  12. Hi Marten512 – Please mail me through blogger profile. I don’t think I’m allowed to post Carl’s email-address in public.
    Of course it’s no secret – time ago I found it simply through google-search.

  13. FWIW, though new FMP releases are not forthcoming, Jost continues to be active, having recorded the most recent (and most likely last!) Broetzmann Chicago Tentet record, out on Smalltown Superjazz, and well worth your time.

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