Free Music Premieres!

Johansson & Reichel, 1977. Photo by Dagmar Gebers.

We are incredibly excited to present two previously unreleased FMP titles! The first is an entire album by Hans Reichel, recorded live with Sven-Åke Johansson and slated for release as Erdmännchen (a different Reichel duo ultimately got assigned that name, and cover image). The second is a single, unreleased cut from the performances that became 3 Points and a Mountain.

Yes, there are TWO Erdmännchens. The two on the cover, of course, and two versions of the album. This one, recorded live in 1976 or ’77, was planned for LP but never released. The eventual Erdmännchen release, FMP 0400, turned out to be a different duo, Reichel with guitarist Achim Knispel (available elsewhere in the D:O Store). With only two overlapping tunes, this is an entirely different — and entirely new — story in the Reichel saga.

Recorded at the same concerts later memorialized as 3 Points and a Mountain, here is a previously unreleased and untitled epic featuring Brötzmann (on bass clarinet, among other reeds), Mengelberg (in a delicate way), and a particularly bash-full Bennink. Removed from its erstwhile spot on an alternate (but never realized) 3 Points, this lost slab of improv allows us an even fuller appreciation of these three mountains of music.

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