[FMP] Easily Schlipp into a New Year

Schlippenbach Quartet

To ring in 2013, we present a pair of superlative Schlippenbach Quartet albums. Three Nails Left features the classic line-up of Evan Parker, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Peter Kowald, and Paul Lovens, captured live in 1974 (side 1) and 1975 (side 2). Anticlockwise, recorded in 1982, has Alan Silva instead of Kowald on bass, for two side-long excursions.

Please sample them here, and if you like what you hear, buy away!

Two-thirds of Three Nails Left was put on CD as part of the massive FMP In Retrospect box; otherwise, this was previously an LP-only release.

Anticlockwise was previously only available on LP.

All good wishes for a prosperous, healthy, and peaceful new year to you and yours!

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3 Responses to [FMP] Easily Schlipp into a New Year

  1. Oh joy!!! Thanks and stuff etc etc etc I have been looking for ‘Anticlockwise’ in particular for . . . I don’t know how long. A happy and peaceful new year to everybody at ‘Out’ and please keep up the good work.

  2. Although I have the LP (Anticlockwise) and the FMP-Box I’ll bought both.

    Thanks again for making available all those treasures!

    Wish you a prosperous new year – and keep going!


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