FMP – Three Sui Generis Rarities

We’ve got three new releases in the FMP Store. The only things they share in common are their excellence, their refusal to settle into cozy categories, and the fact that none of them were ever released on CD. They’re probably unfamiliar to all but the most diehard heads, but they each deserve a far wider audience. Check them out!

United Front, Live in Berlin

United Front’s swansong is their finest album – and a real rarity, too. The group proved ahead of their time and their thoughtful infusion of funk rhythms, dramatic flourishes, and hardy melodies into a shifting and adventurous free jazz framework had many critics calling them “sell outs.” Hardly. This record traffics in sturdy pleasures that sound riveting today. Think vintage Art Ensemble of Chicago and you’re partway there. “Live in Berlin infuses the innovations of the past two decades with a folkloric sweep.” – Down Beat

Irène Schweizer, Rüdiger Carl and Louis Moholo-Moholo, Tuned Boots

The title Tuned Boots ably evokes the sound of this magnificent trio. It’s stomping martial music made with exquisite nuance. Alternately elated and stern, sparse and surging, this criminally underknown album never settles into predictable patterns and showcases new sides of all these wonderful musicians.  4 1/2 stars – All Music Guide

Vinko Globokar, 5, die sich night ertragen können!

We don’t blame you for thinking this solo album by trombonist Vinko Globokar is obscure for a reason. But you’ll be surprised to discover his music is dense, layered, and downright raucous. A multiphonic mixture of brass, indigenous horns, and voice, Globokar creates spiraling soundscapes that are instantly compelling and simply beyond category. Riotous, humorous, and shot through with passages of buzzing beauty. “The two pieces, each of twenty minutes duration, create a fascinating shimmering polyphony.” – Neue Zeitschrift für Musik

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