In, Demons, In!

Dark Revolution Collective
Dark Revolution
R.E.P. : 1978

Kawabata Makoto, percussion, synthesizer; Kawagishi Tetsushi, percussion; Iwaki Yasuo, percussion.

So there’s a famous incident where The Fugs tried to exorcise the demons from the Pentagon, gathering musicians and chanting “Out, Demons, Out!” Listening to the Dark Revolution Collective’s demented percussion and synth music, we couldn’t help but think they’d managed to reverse the Fugs’ formula. This pulsating and textured racket has a determined ritualistic vibe, the trio intent on calling down a demon infestation and possessing the listener by proxy.

This trio features Makoto Kawabata before he came to fame as the leader of the experimental/psychedelic/rock outfit Acid Mothers Temple. Way before. He was a mere… wait for it… 13 years old when he recorded this! It’s fairly mind-boggling and we guess that means it’s time to start buying our kids some broke-ass synths and a 4-track recorder. What were you doing at that age?

To be honest, we’re not sure if this is what you’d call free jazz. But it sure is OUT and we figured our readers might enjoy this sonic change of pace. As for classification, Byron Coley calls it “an other-world field recording of frantic percussion and galacto-whuzz.” So there you have it. Play it loud and catch the spirit.

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