Wolfgang Dauner
Free Action
SABA : 1967

WD, piano; Gerd Dudek, tenor saxophone, clarinet; Jean-Luc Ponty, violin; Jürgen Karg, bass; Eberhard Weber, cello; Fred Braceful, drums; Mani Neumeier, drums, tabla.

Wolfgang Dauner is a tough guy to pin daun. (Sorry.) Ping-ponging between Ramsey Lewis-like danceable soul jamz and bracing sonic experiments for ECM that influenced acts like Nurse with Wound, his 1960s and ’70s discography swerves all over the place.

Given his penchant for punning song and album titles, it would seem, at the very least, that entertaining the audience is high on Dauner’s to-do list. The cuts above support this notion. “Collage” is something of a proto-conduction effort, with Dauner orchestrating the improvisers (according to the liner notes). He invented a special sign language for this abstract composition.

As for “My Spanish Disguise,” it starts out with a fairly straightforward theme statement, before opening up into freer areas. Dauner again: “The composition is rather conventional, in order to create a foundation for the audience, from which it can follow us into the next range….” Each solo starts freely before coalescing with the band into a more rhythmically aligned section.

We’ll let you decide whether it all carries the requisite amount of “the Spanish tinge.”

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