Corporal Blandishment

MC pg 129_0005

Loren Connors
The Departing of a Dream
Family Vineyard : 2013 (orig. 2002)

LC, guitar.

Borbetomagus and Friends
Industrial Strength
Leo : 1981

Don Dietrich, Jim Sauter, saxes; Toshinori Kondo, trumpet; Donald Miller, guitar; Milo Fine, piano; Tristan Honsinger, cello; Peter Kowald, bass.

Colin Stetson
New History Warfare Vol. 3: To See More Light
Constellation : 2013

CS, saxophones.

This site, from its inception, has always been a collaborative enterprise. Of the hundreds of posts here, there are maybe a handful that didn’t at least get looked at by both proprietors. (A reminder: those proprietors are Jeff G., aka @drewledrew, and Jeff J., aka @deathoflit.) This post, however, is a bit of an exception, and it will be me, Jeff G., talking at you from here on out.

While we are both writers of a sort, Jeff and I, only one of us is a true creative writer, and that is Jeff Jackson. As some of you may have learned, Jeff’s first novel, Mira Corpora, was published this fall by indie press Two Dollar Radio. If you generally dig the overall aesthetic that’s been on display over the years here at D:O, you should read it. But don’t take my word for it: others that have commented on how they’ve enjoyed it are authors Don DeLillo, Dennis Cooper, and David Gates. Publications as varied as Publishers Weekly, Bookforum, The Rumpus, and HTML Giant have sung its praises. Though perhaps the best review, in terms of grokking just what Jeff is up to, appeared recently at Trop.

Click the book cover to buy a copy from Powell’s Books

Still not convinced? Maybe you’d like to read an excerpt first — there’s one over at Dzanc’s Books’ Collagist; there’s another one over at Guernica. If you’re more into the author’s intentions, influences, and whatnot, there are several interviews, too: see Tin House; Charlotte’s Creative Loafing; or HTML Giant.

But perhaps you’re more of an audio/visual learner? Got you covered: anyone who’s anyone these days has a Largehearted Boy playlist/Book Notes column; see here for Jeff’s. Fancy a book trailer? Here’s for you:

And then there’s the music above. While it’d be impossible to capture the many worlds, moods, and emotional states conjured by Mira Corpora in a few tunes, the selections here felt appropriate to me in capturing some of the dislocated vibe; some of the starkness; the creepiness; the noise and the off-kilter humor of the thing.

Thanks to Family Vineyard for allowing us to post the Loren Connors song. Learn more/buy it here.
Thanks to Constellation Records for allowing us to post the Colin Stetson song. Learn more/buy it here.

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