Joe McPhee
Nation Time: The Complete Recordings (1969-70)
Corbett vs. Dempsey : 2013

JM, tenor sax; Mike Kull, piano; Tyrone Crabb, bass; Bruce Thompson, drums.

The recent appearance of a 4-CD set containing remastered and unreleased classic work from Joe McPhee is cause for celebration around these parts. Nation Time is a  favorite album and this set offers a treasure trove of new material around that landmark release. We were overjoyed when the Chicago label responsible for this musical windfall, Corbett vs. Dempsey, was kind enough to provide D:O with a copy of the set to give away!

Unlike previous giveaways, winning this set requires more than just guessing a number. This time, it’s closer to a raffle.

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The NATION TIME box contains:

* 1 CD of “Nation Time,” the original LP, complete as issued & re-mastered
* 1 CD of “Black Magic Man,” the original LP, complete with two alternate takes of “Song for Lauren”
* 1 CD of “The Vassar Sessions, 1970,” six unreleased tracks from the Nation Time recording sessions
* 1 CD of “Nation Time Preview, 1969,” two concert recordings in the run-up to Nation Time
* 60-page liner booklet, full-color, stocked with never-published vintage photos
* Definitive “Nation Time” interview with Joe McPhee by John Corbett
* Hardshell case, separate cardboard sleeves for all 4 discs
* Luxurious design by Sonnenzimmer

“In 1970, multi-instrumentalist Joe McPhee waxed one of the landmark free-funk records: Nation Time. Recorded in concert at Vassar College and originally released on McPhee’s own CjR label, Nation Time culled elements of post-Coltrane spiritual jazz, greasy organ funk, and expressive R&B into a previously unknown brand of Poughkeepsie stew. When it was reissued on CD a dozen years ago, it became an instant hit, drawing fans from the British soul scene and denizens of free jazz alike, introducing a new generation to McPhee’s powerful statement.

“After working on it for five years, Corbett vs. Dempsey is proud to release Nation Time: The Complete Recordings, a deluxe 4-disc box set featuring all the music leading up to and around the seminal LP. With 17 previously unreleased tracks, the set provides an expansive picture of the vibrant up-state NY free jazz/new thing scene, centered as it was on Joe McPhee. It also presents tracks recorded during the original 2-day performances in December 1970, including a version of James Brown’s “Cold Sweat,” as well as the full LP Black Magic Man, which was released on vinyl as the very first issue of the fledgling Hat Hut record label in 1975, but has never been reissued on CD.

“This box set cuts direct to the heart of 1970s jazz-funk expression, with all the passion, intrigue, and tenderness the world has come to expect from Joe McPhee. Here it is in all its germinal, previously unheard glory. What time is it? You know what time it is. Once again, it’s Nation Time.”

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