In the coming months, we’re going to be pulling the plug on Destination: Out. It’s been a great run – almost eight years! We’re extremely proud of the site and thankful for the many musicians, critics, and fans who’ve generously contributed guest posts, rare music, and timely advice over the years. All the comments and emails from readers have meant more than we can properly say. Rather than announce an abrupt ending, we wanted to give you a heads-up that the end is nigh. There will be a few more new posts, a farewell contest, and then a refocusing of energies. The site will continue to exist online as an archive, but it won’t be active.


Why are we ending the site? Truthfully, we simply don’t have enough time to do it justice. We’ve struggled to keep the site active, but increasingly our energies have been pulled elsewhere. Jeff J. has been focusing on promoting his debut novel Mira Corpora and launching a fiction career. Jeff G. has been working on creating a three-hour radio show every single week for the Give the Drummer Radio stream on WFMU. We had to make some hard choices. One thing we really didn’t want to oversee was D:O’s slow slide into irrelevance, as it became a repository for broken links and comment spam.

Rather than continue to let our energies flow in different directions, we’ve decided to combine them once again — and focus on making the radio show a true joint venture. The program already features the sort of rare and adventurous jazz we’ve showcased here — and we plan to add a lot more surprising left-turns to the mix. If you’re not already a listener of the show and you’ve enjoyed the site, we promise you’ll want to tune in!

Next week, look for details of the biggest giveaway we’ve ever done on the site. We have a copy of the massive FMP Box Set12 CDs of material, much of it previously unreleased, and a deluxe book with articles, color photos, and documentation. This limited edition set — from a run of 1,000 copies — is OUT OF PRINT and easily worth hundreds of dollars. And we’ve got a copy to give to one of you. Stay tuned for more details about this and the FMP Bandcamp store.

In the meantime, are there any old posts you want to see re-upped? Scroll through the archives to check out the many offerings. Let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to accommodate as many requests as we can.

Jeff Jackson (Chilly Jay Chill) & Jeff Golick (Prof. Drew LeDrew) 
The boys from D:O

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  1. D:O’s been more than half my education in the new thing, ain’t even gonna front, so accept this as some sort of inadequate thank you.

    For your Lazarus act, maybe ‘D:O [Heart] The 80s, Part Three, your ‘We need to talk about Wynton.’?

    Love and sadness and see you on the stream.

  2. Wow, this is sad news. But of course we all wish you well in future ventures.

  3. sorry to see ya’ll go! this site turned me on to so much great music, thank you endlessly.

    re-up requests:
    – anthony davis “wayang”
    – julius hemphill “dogon A.D.”
    – max roach / archie shepp duets

    thanks again + best of luck in your new endeavors!

  4. So sorry to hear this, but thanks for a great site and resource. Will the digital download sales cease as well?

  5. How sad, even if understandable. You guys pointed me to so much great music. Thanks for all of the past effort; best of luck with the next gig.

  6. Yes, 8 years is a tremendously long time and I thank you for all the work that I know such a site represents, you have opened our ears and spread a great deal of joy, and, well, when the symphony plays its final note, there’s no sense in demanding the orchestra keep going, you just applaud and stand and say thank you thank you for sharing your time and expertise with us. we are better people because of it :)

  7. You’ve done a great job with the site for so long – thanks so much and good luck with everything to come

  8. a re-up of the Manthappa South Indian music post would be welcome indeed. msj

  9. fare ye well, good gents. it’s been splendid. thank you.

  10. Thank you for all the music, Chilly Jay Chill and Prof. Drew LeDrew. I’ve learned a lot about some wonderful esoterica here. Very best to both of you in all future concerns.

  11. f’n sad to hear this, you guys are one of the best!

  12. I’ve been with you in the last seven years; your site has ALWAYS been stimulating / a lot of big thanks from italy and good luck for your future plans

  13. That’s too bad. You guys created something really special with this blog. Thanks for all the memories, and wishing you success in the future.

  14. You guys have opened my ears to a lot of great stuff, introduced me to some amazing artists, and I cannot say thanks enough to make it good. Best of luck in all that you do.

  15. Thanks for all the great years, guys. And thanks for bringing back the FMP catalogue. Good luck with the book and the radio show and keeping up with the FMP stuff! (Pleeeeease?)

  16. Thanks for the great work over the years. There will be a hole in the internet.

    (p.s.- That FMP box has some previously-issued material.)

  17. Sad to hear it, but cheers, thanks, and good luck on your other endeavors. This site has been just wonderful.

  18. “are there any old posts you want to see re-upped?”

    How about the Sonny Sharrock/Space Ghost thing?

  19. I have been educated by your site.
    Thank you.

  20. Sad news – but I certainly wish you both all the best.

  21. D:O accomplished everything it set out to do—to recirculate and demystify key left-field-jazz gems, and to bring this music and its makers back into the larger cultural conversation. Congrats on a stellar run, and best wishes for y’all’s future endeavors.

  22. It’s been a long and inspirational ride, but as George Harrision reminded us, all things must pass. Thanks for your solid work over the years and I for one for one continue to lend an ear to the aural version on FMU. I trust that DO radio will continue.

    @John: the Sonny Sharrock can be found here:


    Go to the last comment for updated and working links.

    It’s a good thing that the site will be kept as an archive so that it can be a resource in the future, too.

  23. Two sad things: That D:O as an active site is coming to an end, but also that we are all so dependent on the time and kindness of strangers (those responsible for sites such as D;O) for context and guidance in respect of anything off the well-beaten path. Goodbye CDs, goodbye record stores, goodbye books in print and bookstores, goodbye music criticism…goodbye D:O. We’re all just a little more lost than ever.

  24. You will be much missed. The FMP downloads alone were a huge favor to the community. Best of luck with everything you do.

  25. Well done fellows, thanks for the music.


  27. Second, I hit “post” too soon.

    Third, it is so gratifying to read your kind and generous words. It really means a lot; more than we can honestly say.

    Finally, yes, the FMP store will continue to be open as long as the label allows it, and this site will continue to live online as an archive of sorts.

    Hope to see you all over on the radio show playlist pages!

  28. Oh no! Say it isn’t so! Glad we’ll still have you every Monday on Give the Drummer Some, but we’ll miss you here!

  29. I will miss you ! Thanks for all !
    rendez-vous on WFMU.
    Olivier (north of FRANCE)

  30. Very sorry to hear this. I enjoy this site a great deal only I wish I’d found it sooner. I have the FMP box so whoever win it is in for a treat, particularly the book which is a treasure trove of an exciting era. Best wishes.

  31. Thank you for the music; and thanks for the words coming with it. Indeed both somehow had a big influence on me, concerning the music I like to listen to and the way I think about it (while the most important thing still might remain being given Coltrane’s “Blue Train” as a gift at age 15). Lovely things you did here.
    Thomas (Germany)

  32. Thanks for everything, so many highlights!

  33. Bye, thanks. How about reupping the beginner’s guide?

  34. Captain Hate! I wondered where you went after Speakeasy shut down. Friend me on Facebook or Tweet me @CraigPremo so we can connect.

  35. Repeating what others have already said:

    This has been a very special place. Like Shaun, this site helped provide the foundation for my “new thing” education.

    Looking forward to the radio show and “Mira Corpora.” In the meantime: all the best, and lots of love!

  36. sorry to hear the news, really gonna miss you; the music you’ve introduced me to, the articles. will check out the radio, but always got a buzz when i saw a new piece had been posted here. 8 years is great, but 10 is better!! Good luck in your future endeavours. Chris.

  37. i will miss you! thanks for all the great music and dedicated hard work. best of luck in everything. keep in touch.

  38. Oh nooooooo!!!!!!! I am heartbroken……

    Thank you guys sooo much for giving music OUTside the mainStream a stage, a Destination, a welcome Home. We know how much hard work you put into the site; you should know that it was appreciated, by all of us OutCats. Wishing you both the very very best as you move Onward; you have others Destinations to explore.

  39. You will be dearly missed. _/I\_

  40. A little late at the end here – just as i was a little late at the start. And I have nothing new to add except me saying it – and how many out there have hesitated to comment, even now at this late hour? Anyway, I’ve learned so much from DO and its guests: the older years have been re-invigorated and the newer stuff a revelation. It’s always hard to say goodbye but at least this time I can say quite honestly: I’ll miss you guys. Go well.


    I was hoping this would run before the giveaway.

    It, uh, hasn’t happened yet, right?

  42. Nope! Running slow, as ever. Thanks for that coverage!

  43. Many many thanks for being one of the essential go-to mp3 zines of a short-lived era of plenty when things I had been looking for for fifteen years seemed to fall in to my lap on a nearly weekly basis. One can have it too easy of course. Best wishes for all your future endeavours.

    Anthony Dolphin
    Santa Sprees

  44. Thank you!
    You have done a great job and made ??us very happy.
    I will miss you, so much!
    Claudio from Rome, Italy

  45. Its all gone very quiet . . . too quiet . . .

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