As we wind down, in our own slow fashion, we are thrilled to be able to go out with a bang: we are giving away a copy of the limited run FMP box set, Im Rückblick – In Retrospect. This massive set includes 12 CDs, including many previously unreleased recordings, plus a beautifully produced large-format book that illustrates and elucidates the FMP journey in words and pictures. The book includes a complete discography, tons of amazing photographs by Dagmar Gebers, and contributions from Peter Brotzmann, Ken Vandermark, Alexander von Schlippenbach, and many others. It’s Out-of-Print and fetches hundreds of dollars on Ebay.

In order to make sure that this set goes to a good home, we are raising the bar for entry. Here’s the rundown:

Anyone who purchases at least *TWO* FMP releases from the D:O Download store from today (March 17th) onward is eligible for the drawing. And the more you buy from the store, the more chances you have of winning! (We would also ask that, given the limited nature of this prize, if you already have one, it would be sporting if you refrained from entering at this time.) The closing date for purchases  to enter the contest is April 1st.

To make shopping a little easier, we’ve added a number of outstanding releases to the FMP Bandcamp store. Plus there are a number of landmark titles queued up and almost ready to go. You can also now send downloads of albums as gifts. Happy hunting and good luck!

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  1. Thanx for the C. Taylor-music. But shame on you for jumping ship!

    I can’t think of a MORE IMPORTANT CULTURAL TASK than the one you guys got, when you got the possibility to revive the FMP-catalogue! And apparently you desert that task (and trust!). And that’s extremely sad and culturally devastating.

    So: Please see to it that this FMP-digital shop continues! There’s so much stuff there that needs to survive to the future generations. FMP represents a major cultural legacy that should be available to mankind always.

    Regards, Eigil

    P.S.: On a personal note (speaking for many): We need a lot of the Brötzmann-releases, that now aren’t available in any format. Please put it up as downloads before april 1st! (Including: “Free Jazz Und Kinder”!!!). This may be the most important music of the 20th century. Release it!

  2. My understanding was that how, or even IF, the FMP store is to continue, depends on FMP itself. I am quite sure that the D.O. crew (are you a ‘crew’ or a ‘massive’ or something else? I am completely out of touch with ‘yoofspeak’) would be more than happy to hand over the reigns to others.

  3. I should have said that my comment was addressed to Eigil.

  4. This is awesome, and devious. I purchased four releases on Thursday and loved them so much that I came back for four more today. I’m telling myself that it’s my thanks to D:O, and not that I’m greedy to increase my odds in the drawing! Seriously, thanks for a great destination.

  5. Thanks for the two Brötzmann-releases (and the CT of course)!!

    OK, OK, I got a little carried away there, but just REALLY want the FMP-shop to continue. :-)

    Thank you for all your efforts through the years. Respect.

  6. Out now on vinyl: The fantastic 2-LP “opened, but hardly touched” by the Brötz/Miller/Moholo trio.

    Would be VERY nice to get in a digital version as well :-)

  7. Does anyone know if the contest prize has been awarded yet? Who was the lucky winner?

    It was great to see the Outspan recordings here, I’d been looking for those for a long time. My next “digital wish” – Globe Unity Special Volume 1 (Evidence) and Volume 2 (Into the Valley).

  8. They haven’t announced a winner yet.

    As to Globe Unity: it is indeed available in one volume:

  9. Thanks Peter – I completely missed that!

  10. Much Love to FMP!

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