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We’d like to express our extreme gratitude to everyone who participated in the FMP box set contest. Also, our sincere apologies for the slooooow way in which we’ve rolled this out. Following an algorithmic process that took into account long-term weather patterns over the Pacific, migratory bird extinction events, the use of the word “melons” at Buzzfeed over a six-week period, and arrest rates of Times Square Elmos, we generated the winning name:

Peter F., of  Newark, Delaware!

Congratulations to Peter. Congratulations, too, to all who purchased FMP downloads from the store — we are all winners, in this way. And speaking of FMP downloads, we’ve added a bunch of great records recently; here are a few:

Free Jazz und Kinder Thrumblin'


The Early Quintet Opened, but hardly touched

And there is MUCH more coming, as soon as we can get them up. You might consider following us on Twitter [@destinationout] or Facebook, to be informed of new additions to the store.

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