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Pick a card, any card.

UPDATE: Contest is now closed (as of 10 Feb 07). Thanks to all who entered!

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As a thank you to our readers, we’ve instituted the first Destination: OUT contest. We hope to make this a regular feature.

It’s two contests, really. The first one involves some skill, and the second, dumb luck. Feel free to enter both!

CONTEST ONE – Blindfold, please.

This contest is basically a blindfold test. We’ve posted an mp3, above, stripped of identifying tags or details (honest souls — please let us know if any coding is getting through). Write us at the email address on the sidebar with your guess of the name of the tune and/or the musician(s) responsible. You have until next Friday at 11:00 pm EST to get us your answers. We will throw all correct and partially correct answers in a hat and draw a winner.

CONTEST TWO – Roll ‘em.

This contest is simple: We’re thinking of a number between 1 and 100. Leave your guess in the comments section of this entry. You have until next Friday at 11:00 pm EST to make your guess. Please be sure not to duplicate anyone else’s number. And please only enter once. The person who guesses the right digits – or comes closest - wins.


The winner of each contest will walk away with two superb CDs — you do still listen to CDs, yes? — among the finest jazz albums released last year: Dave Burrell’s Momentum and The Sonic Liberation Front’s Change Over Time.

Extra special thanks to the High Two label for providing these wonderful albums. Â


The winners of the contest will be announced next Monday morning. We’ll contact the two lucky folks over the weekend.

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74 Responses to Step Right Up

  1. THANKS for the great music, and my guess is #4


  3. number 9, number 9, number 9, number 9…

  4. oh mighty, what fun to sort out which number had been picked and which not!!! what a silly idea – but silliness is greatness
    i pick my magic number for contest#2 – 12
    ps – if it’s the number pi, i laugh my ass off, since Stephen Vunk would be the winner! ;)

  5. What the heck, for contest #2, I’ll pick 19.

  6. 82.


  7. 71 is the answer to #2

  8. I vote for number 26.

    This is a great site. I’m glad I found it.

  9. contest # 2 – 98?

  10. Contest 2—–Number 25???

  11. and the number is: 25

  12. My number is 4.

  13. good sirs
    56 is no longer for hire or for consideration

  14. Context 2 – 1

  15. I’ll go with 61.

  16. hmm… all the good #s are taken.

    i’ll go with 55

  17. contest #2= 19

  18. i forgot to tell you folks you that destination out is wonderful, much appreciated, thank you. . . .

  19. Contest two: 97 is my guess