Sick Week


Both Drew and Chilly are laid seriously low with the flu this week. The bed-ridden, fevered, I-think-I-see-Jesus kind of flu.

Check back later and we’ll try to reinstate an old post as a “re-run” for those who missed it the first go-round. If there’s any particular older post you’re jonesing to hear, leave word in the comments.

And we’ll be back strong on Monday with some exceptionally fine new tunes.

UPDATE: See here for a (mostly) revivified Sam Rivers post. (We’re having technical difficulties with one of the tracks. Seems to be a theme of the week.)

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25 Responses to Sick Week

  1. How about the Shorter Bros? I missed that.
    Thanks for all the great music and information.

  2. Yeah,
    Alan Shorter.
    please !

  3. I would like to see the Sam River Hues re-posted. Thanks!

  4. Hey, if you see JC, ask him if he can’t do something about that Gibson character.

  5. Here’s to a quick recovery from the plague!
    On a selfish note, I would love to see the Air Lore post back up here. My copy is full of cracks and noise. :(
    Keep up with the fluids man.

  6. Keep up the good work and get well soon….

    Just found you guys a couple of months ago.. would like Bennie Maupin JIL, Decoding Society, or maybe better yet some Don Cherry….


  7. Another vote for the Shorter Bros. here. And get well soon!

  8. more of that dewey redman memorial would be appropos…and it might just blow the flu right out yr ears.

  9. I love this site, sorry to hear you’re sick. sleep/fluids/sleep/fluids etc.

    Please re-run Jimmy Lyons’ Other Afternoons.

    get well.

  10. I’ve heard good things about Gil Melle’s pioneering electric albums though they are woefully out of print and it would interesting to hear some tracks. Also interesting in hearing a track or two from “Archie Shepp and Philly Joe Jones”. Feel better. This has been a very informative site.
    Feel better soon.

  11. Feel better soon and thanks for all the great work.


    PS- check out my rant on the NEA/Jazz at Lincoln Center Jazz in the Schools web curriculum on my blog; and then check this out: Cecil Taylor, Henry Grimes and Pheeroan Aklaff on a double bill with Zorn’s Masada at *Lincoln Center* March 9th and 10th. Maybe you feel better now no?

  12. Sorry you guys are laid up.If it’s not too late,I’d like to vote for an Anthony Braxton re-posting,although the Shorter brothers would be cool too.Hope you feel better soon and thanks for all the great music you’ve posted.

  13. Oh guys, just getting over a bout myself. You got to slow down and get your rest.

    I would LOVE to get to hear the live Ornette from last summer.

  14. oh, and Ric Colbeck. but the Ornette Carnegie Hall too. thanks

  15. I was afraid to ask.. but Ornette in Carnegie Hall – PLEASE !!

  16. i wanna send you folks some healing vibrations, beee weeellll. . . and strong. . . Wayne is one of my favorites but i am still unfamiliar with Alan’s music, so come on and post him. . . thanks for the sam rivers-mauve is gorgeous

  17. Kaoru Abe (everybody who hasn’t voted yet agrees with me. No, really)

  18. pour apple cider vinegar on yourself, wait few minutes, then shower. also get ”avena licorice” extract from the health food store. i never get sick. i smoke plenty and my lungs are not congested. only cuz i care about you guys.
    i would like some Italian stuff i.e. ”orchestre instabile” please.
    y’all didn’t get to Ganelin trio , as well.
    thanks! get the vinegar!

  19. … get well soon… you are missed!

  20. get well soon guys!

  21. But, seriously, what do you expect if you go through life calling yourself “Chilly?”

  22. Feel better all. I was floored by the flu about 1 1/2 months ago, it took me a SOLID week to kick.

    All the cool kids can check out the new mix I just put up on Reality Unit:

  23. any fix yet for the third sam rivers piece?

  24. Get well soon, you both!
    And keep on with the fantastic work – you build an unique place on the world weird web.