Larry Young
Love Cry Want
New Jazz : 1997 (rec. 1972)

LY, organ; Nicholas, guitar, synth; Joe Gallivan, guitar, synth, drums, percussion; Jimmy Molnieri, drums, percussion.

Destination: Out’s Dept. of “Believe It or Not”:
We belatedly kick off the New Year with some insane electro space rock from Larry Young. This remarkable ensemble faced the wrath of none other than Richard Nixon, who personally ordered his staff to pull the plug on one of their concerts.  But more on that in a minute.

This molten recording wasn’t released until 1997 and even then it quickly disappeared from sight. That’s a shame because Love Cry Want is one of Young’s greatest sessions, straight up. It offers a more concise and ragged version of the blown-out kozmigroov explorations of the great Lawrence of Newark and even trumps the speaker-damaged assault of Tony Williams Lifetime’s Emergency! Strong words, but hearing is believing.

“Peace” is a bare-knuckled track that mixes manic funk rhythms, percussive organ swirls, and heavy distortion. “Angels Wings” offers some cascading riffs before grinding its feathers into storms of bracing industrial noise. The languid “Ancient Place” features some seriously futurist electronic graffiti that slowly coalesces into a heady ritualistic groove.

In 1972, this group took up residence in Lafayette Park with the intention of levitating the nearby White House. The Yippies hadn’t managed the trick with the Pentagon in 1968, but Nixon was no fool. If any music stood a chance, this was it. Taking no chances, he personally ordered H. R. Haldeman to pull the plug on the concert. Check out WFMU’s always excellent Beware of the Blog for the full scoop.

We can’t but wonder where the “music as a weapon” ethos of avant jazz has gone. Who would you like to see levitated and who could pull it off?

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  1. Haven’t even listened to the tracks yet, but the text was so good that I’m already feelin’ the “kozmigroov.” Thanks!

  2. Why was it always levitation they were after? Not disappearing, or seeing the light, or turning all the guns into flowers, or just making all the warmongers feel at peace, but *levitating*….

  3. Great story! This reminded me of the story that Erik Satie once claimed that he *could* levitate, but only when no one else was watching.

  4. Any post with tags that include both “Kozmigroov” and “HR Haldeman” has to be amazing. Thanks for this – no idea about it and it’s mind-blowing.

  5. Well, this is from an old Straight Dope column on levitation that I happened to recall (not sure if “blockquote” tags work here, but I’ll try):

    TMers see levitation not merely as a novel method of transportation but as a mighty blow in the struggle for cosmic consciousness and world peace. According to David Orme-Johnson, a researcher at Maharishi International University, “Thirty-one sociological studies conducted throughout the world document that the quality of life in society significantly improves when as little as the square root of one percent of a population practices TM-Sidhi Yogic Flying together in one place.” Orme-Johnson was one of the authors of a recent scientific paper purporting to show levitation and related techniques had reduced the violence in Lebanon.


  6. The insert for the CD notes that it was Nixon himself who feared that “this strange music would ‘levitate the White House.'” A joke, maybe, tho it might just suggest he knew more about the effect of this brew than the other GOP occupiers.

    Contemporary scenarios? I vote for Burnt Sugar bringing their neo-tribal thang to Huckabee’s show on Fox. Break open those heart chakras, children!

  7. this and ‘lawrence of newark’ are certainly some of the grittier jazz-rock albums around. loose and almost meandering but packing an almighty punch. joe gallivan has performed with british free improvisers/prog-rockers like keith tippett, pat thomas, elton dean, hugh hopper, as well as with gil evans – and with dolphy back in 1961. i’m guessing the nixon reference was a little tongue in cheek, though there may be a hint of truth to it if the ‘piano concerto’ he wrote serves as any indicator of his musical taste: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCsGSMze_6Q

  8. Great post guys! I absolutely love Larry Young, especially the classic “Unity” and “Lawrence of Newark”. I haven’t heard these tracks. Once again, you’ve managed to highlight an overlooked gem.

    If I could use music as a weapon, I would round up all remaining Nazis, in South America or wherever they are hiding. Peter Brotzmann could definitely make them levitate!

  9. This is amazing and it’s stuff like this that makes me love this blog, where can I find this? Besides on vinyl…

  10. Henry – the CD is out of print, and the only copy I’ve been able to find is on gemm.com, and it’s $46.95. That’s a steep price, but I have found GEMM to be a very reliable music marketplace.

  11. Uh, there’s a grey-area virtual copy also available if you search “love cry want rapidshare” and read the comments carefully. If you download, do show some love and donate to Joe Gallivan’s paypal account at joegallivan.net. Joe’s site also has the complete Powerfield disc on mp3, along with his philosophy on offering music for donation.

  12. Noone seemed to notice, so i’m relaying, this is available again in LP by Weird Forest

  13. Thanks, Moesgaard. Henry had asked for non-vinyl options, which is what we offered him.

  14. They do know that the square root of one percent is ten percent, don’t they?

  15. Yeah, that’s right, isn’t it? I thought was a funny number, but I didn’t do the math.

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