Weekend Re-Up: The Weird Shorter Brothers


During our sick week we were too sick to re-up the old Wayne and Alan Shorter post that many folks requested. So better late than never, we’ve reinstated the entry for a brief time. Check it out HERE. [Post remains, but tracks have been deleted.]

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2 Responses to Weekend Re-Up: The Weird Shorter Brothers

  1. Thanks for re-up.
    Enjoy Your blog every week.

  2. i will pick this one up soon! thank you!

    this is my new blog:


    rock, metal, lo-fi japanese pop, obscure recordings, and comedy/novelty records all here with much more to come.

    I’ve just begun this blog and sharing some interesting bits of my collection, so i hope you can swing by and check it out. also, i would like to add a link to your blog on my front page, if possible; and i hope you can do the same for me.

    i love your postings and look forward to hearing from you.
    jay in japan