Nate Chinen’s overview of jazz blogs from the NYT, including Destination: Out. D:O is noted for its “chirpy yet incisive analysis.” Click on the Times‘ logo to be taken to the article.


“There are few music blogs as consistently compelling as Destination: Out”–Peter Margasak
Click on the Reader logo to be taken to Peter’s blog post.


According to Ethan Iverson, writing in the Guardian, “Destination: Out! is one of the oldest and best jazz blogs. Jeff Jackson and Jeff Golick focus on individual tracks and tell you why they are good.”


D:O on BBC Radio 3 (click to listen to a bit of the interview)


D:O as guests on Scott McDowell’s show, The Long Rally




Playboy name checks D:O as the “destination for jazz lovers.” Click on the logo to see a jpeg of the short write-up (entirely SFW).


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  1. Hi there!
    I just wanted you to know that we exist! Feel free to have a look (and listen) at our beautiful website:
    All the best,
    Meinrad Kneer

  2. Hello! Love your blog. I studied jazz in college, esp ECM styles of the 60’s and 70’s and I have been looking for years for recordings by pianist Richie Bierach ( SP? ) and esp a song called “A Visit to Madagascar”. Can you help? Thank you!

  3. Hi there,
    A new masterpiece up!
    “Life On My Own”.
    We just wanted you to know.


  4. Check out the web site.
    The music is brilliant and amazing!

    BL Worth

  5. hello,
    i often listen to the eclectic artists you guys put on your site. have you ever heard of stereo crowd? they are a really eclectic band from out of harlem.


  6. Hi there! I am wondering how i make submissions to you guys for material being released on my label.

    Sarka Workman-Ulja Factory

  7. Hi There, I play in the Jazz duo “Idle Words” and we are offering Jazz Bloggers a copy of our press-kit/album in exchange for the possibility of a review their blog. If you are interested, please email me on:
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  8. You NEED to check this out…

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  9. Hi Jeff’s,
    I sent an e-mail to one of the Jeff’s last week so we could talk about doing the DMG/ARC downloads through your service but didn’t hear back. Perhaps I had an old e-mail address. Let me know if you recieved this and how we can go forward. take care, Bruce at Downtown Music Gallery

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